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the project

The purpose of this project is to provide Tenderloin community members with the opportunity to be in a safe space while sharing their life experiences, without judgment and interruption for anything they want to share. Their stories will be shown in a docuseries format paired with a musical album created by the same Tenderloin community members, including known local artists from the Bay Area which collaboratively will help reach many people in the community and around the world, therefore increasing the positive impact on the mental health, livelihood, and perception of and within the Tenderloin community.

the steps

October - December 2023
-Establish the project team, film team, editor, co-director, writer and audio engineer
-Determine Equipment list and supplies
-Pre-production storyboarding and video treatment plan with co-director for docuseries
-Meet with Tenderloin youth and elders to establish relationship with participants for this project and get to know them and their stories
-Strategize the outreach for involving community members who will help amplify this project through their networks
-Begin promoting the project and spreading awareness to gather a community based audience that will lead to worldwide awareness on this project
-Purchase equipment and supplies needed for interview process, filming, audio recording and music production
-Establish public relations connection to maximize exposure of the project professionally in order to gain as wide of an audience as possible starting within the San Francisco Bay Area local and surrounding communities

Jan 2024-March 2024
-Project team & security members assist in maintaining safe practices during on-street interviews and filming
-Stipends provided to community members who participate in this project
-Healing circles with the Tenderloin community members with a licensed Mental health clinician to facilitate and assist in the interview process 
-Interviews and Filming begins with Tenderloin community members
-Sessions with artists of Tenderloin begins to create the musical album to accompany the docuseries

April 2024-May 2024
-Music writing begins with the Tenderloin community members participating in the project
-Music recording for the docuseries album begins
-Music engineering of the songs begin
-Music writing sessions begin
-Film score production begins
-Music Production begins
-Establish strategy for promotion, launch of docuseries on social media platforms as well as digital distribution platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and podcasts 
-Review all interviews for approval for completion, finalize and begin trailer and promotion edits, graphic design and deliverables for media begins

June 2024-August 2024
-Review of the 1st draft of the docuseries edit with the music and score added
-Local news & media outlets are notified of This Is My Story (TL) 
-KQED, SF Chronicle, Examiner & East Bay Times & Express, SJ Mercury news are notified for promotional purposes
-Netflix pitch to have as a Netflix series, and platforms alike
-Graphics complete for the docuseries cover photo, album cover photo and photo shoot with participants
-Trailer completed for each interview (4 total trailer/snippets completed)

Sept 2024
-Watch party with participants, and their chosen family and friends a local theater in Berkeley called David Brower Center, provide support necessary for any participants who need assistance with transportation
-Confirm promotion with the news outlets (KQED, San Francisco Chronicle, Examiner, East Bay Times & Express) & Storied: San Francisco podcast & other social media platforms to begin promotion for the docuseries and provide them with trailers, description of docuseries and all necessary deliverables for promotion 
-Flyers are posted around the TL and SF and neighboring cities to promote the docuseries and youth album


Oct. 2024
-Launch the docuseries on youtube, and all free networks and possibly Netflix
-KQED, San Francisco Chronicle, Examiner, East Bay Times & Express are all promoting the docuseries and the album
-Tenderloin youth and elders who participated are celebrated and sharing their story of triumph and glory through their process with their peers, inspiring a rippling effect of motivation , leadership and development and growth
-Participants now have a tangible meaningful piece of art that represents them in the way they want to be represented, creating a positive impact on them and everyone who sees the docuseries and listens to the music, because now we have shown the youth the power of using their voice and sharing their story through media


why we're doing it

My relationship with the Tenderloin runs as deep as the day my grandparents made the Tenderloin their home when arriving in the U.S. from El Salvador, Peru, Japan and the Philippines in the 1970’s. I was born and raised in the Mission and Tenderloin districts. I experienced what these communities looked and felt like, vibrant and welcoming. I felt safe in these streets. I saw beautiful people from all walks of life. I witnessed generosity, and open-hearted kindness in passing. Through the years, I experienced the Tenderloin slowly change and become largely gentrified, with many community members stripped of homes, resources and dignity. The Tenderloin doesn't have much accurate representation today. Many, who may have abilities and resources to help, choose to turn a blind eye on the Tenderloin and don't see the importance of learning the stories of TL community members and think they can't help. This project will make stories of the Tenderloin’s most vulnerable members (youth and elders) seen and heard to help dispel negative views often held about the Tenderloin Community, inspiring positive change to increase empathy and compassion towards the Tenderloin. This docuseries will reach people in and beyond the Bay Area communities and will create a ripple effect for people to help each other by being patient, kind and respectful to the Tenderloin. This project can inspire advocacy and legislation change to benefit the Tenderloin Community supporting underserved residents and improving their livelihood. 


$1,000 - Artist and participants stipends
$1,000 - film score and original music
$2,000 - Community Outreach Team, Organizing Members, Promotion and Public relations
$6,000 - Filming, Editing and Audio Recording and Mixing, including equipment


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $888.89
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $222.22
TOTAL TO RAISE $11,111.11
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