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the project

MVMT Dance Festival (MDF) is an extraordinary showcase of talent across the mid-west, providing dance artists with a platform to shine and share their incredible artistry. MDF is a celebration of movement, expression, and creativity, where the stage becomes a canvas for stories to unfold through the power of dance. During this festival, Chicago will be transformed into a hub of rhythmic energy and artistic excellence. From contemporary to hip-hop, ballet to jazz, our festival embraces diverse genres, reflecting our beloved city's rich tapestry of the dance community.

the steps

Our team works hard to cultivate a memorable experience for everyone. Through the following steps, we are able to create MDF as we know it today:

  • Secure Event Location(s) & Venues
  • Public Call For Dance Artists 
  • Create Festival Weekend Itinerary 
  • Build Festival's Branding, Webpage & Collateral 
  • Solicit for Sponsorships
  • Publicly Market Event

why we're doing it

MDF helps us unify our community through dance and fully aligns with the mission of the MVMT Foundation. 

The MVMT Foundation (501c3) is a dance organization dedicated to utilizing dance to build community, camaraderie, and connections among Black artists in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our vision is for Chicago to be illuminated as one of the nation’s premier locations for dance training, dance instruction, and dance performance. We aim to captivate the dance industry and generate feasible career opportunities for aspiring dance professionals regardless of cultural background, racial inequities, or ethnicity.  


  • Event Venue - $4, 000 | This year's event will take place at the Reva & David Logan Center for the Arts. This upscale facility gives our event the modern feel it deserves while immersing in the artistic culture of the Chicago community. 
  • Event Lighting - $1,200 | Effective stage lighting contributes to that art-making, highlighting movements at the right moments and framing each dance piece so the audience receives a complete theatrical experience. 
  • Event Emcee & Live Music - $2,200 | An event emcee is important for this event for many reasons: they set the tone, keep your audience interested, help make the event an experience, maintain focus for the event, and drive the event forward. In addition, a live band can provide entertainment throughout the event, making sure that your guests are always engaged and having fun. 
  • Performer(s) Presentation & Costuming - $6000 | Costumes are meant to complement the music and create uniformity amongst the dancers, which brings the entire dance to life.
  • Staff & Faculty - $3,000 | MVMT depends heavily on the skills, knowledge, and contributions of our facility and staff, including but not limited to graphic designers, event coordinators, Executive and Creative Directors, stage managers, and more. 
  • Guest Talent - $7,000 | Our guest talent/performers will not only provide an exhilarating performance at the dance festival itself, guest talent will also provide a weekend of dance sessions that the community can participate in while learning from professional dance artists. MVMT will provide travel and lodging for these artists and a fair rate stipend for their participation.  



ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $1,041.67
TOTAL TO RAISE $26,041.67





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