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Concert tour begins!

the project

Do you enjoy salmon? Bristol Bay, Alaska, is the largest remaining sockeye salmon fishery left in the world. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it alone is responsible for approximately 46% of the average global abundance of wild sockeye salmon. Unbelievably, this pristine ecosystem is now threatened with environmental destruction by a proposed “open pit” copper and gold mine.  Please make a donation to help us run this campaign and then join and raise your voice.

Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay (over 200 strong so far) are using the power of music to raise awareness and support the Alaskan Natives and fishermen in their fight to stop the Pebble Mine.  Legendary singer/activist Si Kahn has written and recorded Bristol Bay, a beautiful collection of songs about the life of the bay and the people’s fight to save it.  Help us produce this CD and get it into the hands of every DJ in Alaska and around the world. Music can tell this story and get people to stand up!

What is at Stake?

London-Based Anglo-American (a mining company with a troubling safety record) and Northern Dynasty (a Canadian company with no experience in mines) are trying to force through the Pebble Mine, a two mile wide “open pit” dig sited across the headwaters of both the Nushagak River (one of the top king salmon producing rivers worldwide) and the Kvichak River (the top sockeye salmon producing river in the world).

The mine complex would include a 740 foot high dam and a 10 square mile “pond” to contain (in perpetuity) the  up to 10 billion tons of toxic mine sludge the Pebble Mine would produce over its lifetime.  Worse, the entire area is seismographically active (a 9.2 earthquake in 1964 devastated Anchorage, less than 300 miles away).  Any release of mine waste into the surface or groundwater has the potential to devastate the entire ecosystem forever.

How Does an Album Help?

  • Co-founder Si Kahn was just the official Guest Artist at the 2013 Alaska Folk Festival where, singing with former Alaska State Senator Suzanne Little, he premiered highlights from the album, held workshops about the cause, and had very successful one on one meetings with current and former Alaska state legislators
  • An upcoming hour-long WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour show about Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay, with Si Kahn, Tom Chapin and Alaska poet/fiddler Ken Waldman, will be broadcast to over 500 radio stations and nearly 100 TV stations (a total reach of over 90,000,000 homes)
  • Two more Alaska music festival appearances for Musicians United this summer
  • All proceeds from the CD, including Si's songwriter and artist royalties, go right back to supporting Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay

Over 200 musicians, including Holly Near, Tom Chapin and Pete Seeger have signed on!  We can’t do this without you.  Please donate what you can now!

the steps

Step 1.  March 2013 – Raw production finished on Bristol Bay, an album of original songs by Si Kahn, produced by legendary Swiss banjo virtuoso Jens Krüger, designed to raise awareness and support for the fight to stop the Pebble Mine.  All proceeds and royalties go directly to support the work of Musicians United To Protect Bristol Bay.

Step 2. Launch the ioby crowd-funding campaign to help cover costs to produce, distribute and publicize the CD. This is where YOU join the movement. Please donate what you can. This donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Step 3.  Album ready for release in June.  Media appearances around the album and the project have already begun. 

Step 4.  Our goal to sign up and mobilize 1,000 musicians to help bring attention to the issues around the mine and the great cultures that will be lost if the Pebble Mine goes forward. Members are writing songs and spreading the word through their social media networks and publicity appearances.   We will continue to collect and share new songs from musician members, create new projects, grow the network and organize our audiences to become an action force to stop the Pebble Mine!


why we're doing it

Musicians can participate not only with their creative spirit, but with the power of their networks. You are at this page because you belong to those networks.  We want you to know about this issue, spread the word and enjoy being part of a musical force that is harnessing our collective power to stand up to these insanely greedy corporations.

Music has the power to change the world, and to stop the Pebble Mine.  But we cannot do it without you.  Please donate what you can today.


Phase I: CD production and promotion campaign

$28,000    Production of Bristol Bay CD (#1)

               20,000 through Campaign

                 8,000 through private philanthropic sources

  6,000    CD manufacturing/3,000 units (#2)

10,000    Radio promotion campaign (#3)

  4,800    Preparation and shipping of packages to 1,200 DJs (#3)

$48,800 Total

$20,000 from campaign
$28,800 from private philanthropic sources

SUBTOTAL = $20,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $600
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,635


#1/Production of Bristol Bay CD: Includes costs for producing and arranging the songs, recording studio, musicians, vocalists, mixing and mastering.  Because of the generosity of the producer and of the other musicians involved, and their belief in the importance of saving Bristol Bay, this is approximately one third of what it would ordinarily cost to produce a CD of this quality.

#2/CD manufacturing/3,000 units: The CDs will be in full color, with a 24-page full-color booklet, in biodegradable packaging and shrink-wrapped.  The insert will feature information about the campaign to stop the Pebble Mine and to save Bristol Bay, including what people can do to help.

#3/Radio campaign: This includes a Manager and Consultant for the campaign, plus the costs of sending the CD and associated materials to 1,200 radio stations in North America, Europe and Australia at $4 per package.


RAISED = $11,291
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $328

Revised Budget, 1/7/2014

$28,000    Production of Bristol Bay CD (#1) through private philanthropic

sources and in-kind studio donations

  6,000    CD manufacturing/3,000

units (#2)   IOBY Funds raised  $6,000

10,000    Radio promotion

campaign (#3)  in-kind services

  4,800    Preparation and

shipping of packages to 1,200 DJs (#3)  $3,000

IOBY funds raised + in-kind processing

$48,800 Total

$9,000 from campaign

$39,800 from private philanthropic

sources and in-kind donations

DISBURSEMENT (PART 2 on 7/10/15):

RAISED = $1,500.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $43.69



Concert tour begins!

Making Music & Spreading the Word!
The battle for Bristol Bay is on - and we are out raising our voices, raising consciousness and raising the roof! 
This weekend, these concerts and the media coverage they are creating will begin in Alaska and continue through the summer, and over 500 progressive radio stations across the U.S. will receive the Bristol Bay album to begin playing on the air. 
Don't let mining companies destroy one of the last great fisheries and pristine ecosystems left on Earth!
CLICK HERE to submit a comment to the EPA before June 30th.  (it's already written and just waiting for you to send)
CLICK HERE to learn more about the issue, sign up to be a member of Musicians United To Protect Bristol Bay and to donate to this grassroots movement that's harnessing the power of music to save one of the Earth's great natural resources. 

Public Comment Period Now Open!

Public Comment Period Now Open for Revised EPA Environmental Impact Assessment of the Proposed Pebble Mine! Let your Voice be Heard!

Due to public pressure and over 200,000 comments submitted, the Environmental Protection Agency revised its April 2012 draft assessment of the potential environmental risks of the proposed Pebble Mine. The EPA is once again accepting public comments on the revised draft assessment until May 31, 2013. To make a comment, follow the link below. There you will be able to see comments others have made and submit one yourself. Thank you for helping to stop this environmental disaster!


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