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Breedlove Street
(New Chicago area of North Memphis)
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A Big 'Thank You' !!

the project

We will take a vacant lot on Breedlove Street in the New Chicago area of North Memphis and make it a safe, fun, and green space for children of all ages and backgrounds to explore musical instruments. 

There will be volunteers from different areas of Memphis that will assist in cleaning the space and removing any debris from the area and making it a more workable and safe area to lay the eco friendly foundation down for the park. Then through each phase, we will gradually build and add benches, flowers, a community garden, that will provide fresh local produce for the residents of this community. We will also install a perimeter fence, then we will install the instruments.

We hope to gain many volunteers and donors. Giving financially. your time as well as any new or gently used materials are greatly needed. Working together we can not only build a safe place to play but we will be building a strong sense of consistent community.

the steps

The steps needed to complete this project will be in the following phases:


Gather a team of like minded people to assist with campaigning

Create dates for meet up and campaign brain storming

Ask for assistance or network with other nonprofits 

Clean park location and have t-shirts and possible food trucks at the events (hopefully the community will see and want to be involved)

Lay foundation for the park

Start to beautify the park with flowers and hand-made by volunteer benches 

Ask for some materials to be donated to cut down on costs

Create with initial volunteers on instrument scheme for the park

Purchase the instruments and have them installed

Last minute clean up and prep for opening

Invite neighborhood and social media for community day


Start on another park in another location

why we're doing it

This music park will provide a safe place for youth in this area. I grew up in this area and I know that had it not been for my great grandparents affording certain opportunities for me, my life would look a bit different. It is my way of giving back and spreading hope. I love my city and I understand the value and worth that is in it's youth. We have to invest in our youth, from ALL areas of Memphis. 

This project addresses the need for the arts in this area of North Memphis. It would be a community challenge to take accountability and pride for this neighborhood and give the youth of this area the positive support and activity that they need. It is more of a mental project to enhance the mentality of our city and invest in who we have, which are very talented and worthy people of North Memphis.


This is a creative idea


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 12/12/16):

RAISED = $1,440.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $65.05
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $39.03

Editing software for documentary -- Sony Vegas Pro: $499
Camera -- Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55mm: $800
T-Shirts to participants: $99



Most of the budget will be for the actual instruments. We will need tools to cut grass and plant flowers, build a fence (maybe). We will need to budget for volunteer t-shirts and material to make sitting benches and annuals to place in the flower garden.

Instruments $2500

T-shirts 50 t-shirts $300

Lumbers, Nails, Hammers, cleaning materials (trash bags, waste containers etc.) $250

Flowers $150

Eco Friendly foundation: donation of woodchips or rubber tire mulch or $300

SUBTOTAL = $3,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $105



A Big 'Thank You' !!


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