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The Boulevard is Alive with the Sound of Music!

the project

Downtown Claremore is proving to be the place to work, live and play...but it isn't the place to sit and stay. Enter music.

Psychological studies have shown that music plays to people’s emotions and social instincts. It enhances customer moods and visual pleasure, directly leading them to be happier. One study concluded that music alone can encourage shoppers to spend more while another study found that 79 percent of consumers said music encouraged them to stay longer in stores.

As folks stroll through the streets of downtown Claremore, we want to see their heads bopping to the latest hits or classic favorites. During the holiday season, we want to fill the streets with Christmas cheer through music. Throughout our number of street events, we want to share what's happening on the stage with all three blocks of guests. In short, we want to surround Claremore's historic core with joy and harmony.

the steps

We have collected bids from several companies locally and nationwide and selected one that has the history and experience in downtown speakers. The quote includes 12 speaker sets that will be mounted on the light poles already in place downtown. This will provide four per block, providing ample reach in the three-block downtown. As soon as the money is in hand, we can order the speaker sets, which will be installed by the City of Claremore as soon as possible. We hope to see the system fully in place in the middle of the summer of 2018.

why we're doing it

Music is powerful. We know this, and we feel it missing from our downtown. Something that may seem small and unimportant can make all the difference once it's in place. In looking at case studies across the country, we know this will make an economic impact in our downtown in addition to the quality of life improvement for the social core of the community. Representatives from downtown business owners, the Claremore Collective, local economic developement authorities as well as city and county officials all see the value in this project, which is truly for all of us. We hope you do as well.

Local businesses and organizations also see the value and are willing to match donations dollar-for-dollar. Be watching for matching funds from the Downtown Claremore Merchant Association, Claremore Museum of History, The District on Main, Grand River Dam Authority and RCB Bank. 


Disbursed Budget

Raised = $26,030.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $757.14
Total to disburse = $25,237.86
12 Speaker Sets - $23,478
1 Master Transmitter - $1,315.86
1 Mixer, Microphone & Accessories - $200
Pandora - $125.95

Original Budget

12 Speaker Sets - $23,478

1 Master Transmitter - $1,078

1 Mixer, Microphone & Accessories - $200

Pandora - $125.95

ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $750
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby= $25,785



The Boulevard is Alive with the Sound of Music!

Music on Main has arrived! We have had music playing for about one week in downtown Claremore and are thrilled with the feedback so far! We were able to get Christmas music playing downtown just in time for the holiday and are now enjoying a variety of hits! Thank you so much to every one for your encouragement and passion to bring music to main!

Thank you!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

We thank you for your support.

We thank you for believing in the community's dream to bring music downtown.

We thank you for trusting us to make it happen.

We thank you for your words of encouragement and excitement about the project.

We thank you for continuing to be awesome, Claremore!

We live, work and play in the best community in the world! Our hearts are so full <3

- Claremore Main Street
  Board of Directors &
  Music on Main Committee

We did it!

Together, we raised nearly $26,000 (and counting!) to bring music downtown! We could not have done it with each and every one of you! Claremore is truly a place where people come together and support one another.

However, there's still two more days of the drive so it doesn't have to stop there! Any overages donated at this point will go directly to this project. It will help pay for any additional charges or price increases we may not have prepared for, a donor recognition (thank you ad, party, etc.) or for future years of licensing and music.

We want to thank our corporate sponsors for their major commitments that doubled individual donations. Corporate Sponsors were: Downtown Claremore Merchant Association, The District on Main, GRDA, RCB Bank and the Claremore Museum of History.

Now taking requests for music stations...


Corporate Sponsors provide matching funds!

With one month to go on downtown Claremore’s Music on Main crowdfunding initiative, local businesses — as well as a national organization — will be doubling all donations for the final push.

All donations are appreciated. Donations will be raised through the St. Paddy’s Day Party on March 16.

“We had a lot of people – merchants and community members – come to us asking for music downtown. So we listened,” said Jessica Jackson, Claremore Main Street director. “We want to see the whole community get behind this project and help support it. Essentially, every dollar you donate gets us two dollars closer to our ultimate goal."

Fortunately, several local businesses have stepped up to the plate to support it as well. 

A donation by GRDA will match every dollar donated between Feb. 16 and Feb. 23.

At that time, a donation by the Claremore MoH (Museum of History) funds will double donations, followed by a week for the District on Main.

Finally, the last week of the project will see donations matched by RCB Bank. In January, the Downtown Claremore Merchant Association doubled donations.

“We are so thankful for our corporate sponsors, without whom this would not be possible,” Jackson said. “These businesses saw the vision and wanted to help the public make a bigger impact on this project.”

Once the project is funded, music will play along speakers on existing light poles up and down the three blocks of historic downtown Claremore during regular business hours and events. Music will be at a low volume as to not disturb conversations or those living downtown.

It’ll feature a variety of clean, radio-edits of songs, including but not limited to classic rock, adult contemporary, new hits and holiday music. Music also can be themed during the holidays or during Claremore events.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Carrie Hughes
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Latham Family Investment Partnership
  • Sandy Coy
  • Rye Design
  • Mike & Dell Bostic
  • Dale & Charlotte Pauley
  • Audrey Mcsperitt Schmidt
  • Musicians Haven Board Member
  • Anonymous
  • Main Street Tavern
  • The Haberdashery
  • Will Rogers Stampede Rodeo
  • Price & Sears, P.C.
  • Thrift Harbor
  • Outwest Home DEecor
  • Anonymous
  • Jacob A. Krumwiede
  • Jason Scarpa
  • Three Twenty on Main
  • Claremore Main Street
  • Debbie & Bob Butler
  • Mike H
  • H&H Road Boring Company, LLC
  • Rogers County Historical Society
  • Downtown Music Fan!
  • Michal & Gary Oplotnik
  • Smalygo Auto Wholesale
  • Tad Jones
  • Anonymous
  • Sarah S.
  • Judy J.
  • Sarah Lepak
  • Ethan Groff
  • Matt and Chelsea Mize
  • The Cranberry Merchant
  • Bill and Lou Flanagan
  • Travis Peck
  • Anonymous
  • Elaine McKellips
  • Kristy J Geisler
  • Sister Jamie
  • Dale Peterson
  • Community Resource Professionals
  • Katie Thibodeaux
  • Jared S.
  • Anonymous
  • Debi Ward
  • Susan Kirtley
  • Bomoseen Bread Basket- Vermont, friends of Rhapsody Boutique Salon and Soa
  • Anonymous
  • Aimee - Massage Therapist @ Rhapsody Boutique Salon and Spa
  • Kirkpatrick Scales Inc
  • Ray B.
  • Beaven’s Martial Arts
  • William & Carol Thibodeau
  • Kristi Eaton
  • Jessica Jackson

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