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The proposed Pebble Mine, an enormous open pit mine at the mouth of Bristol Bay, Alaska, could be catastrophic to one of the world’s last natural salmon habitats (46% of the world’s remaining stock), the communities of the region that depend upon it, the fishing economy, tourism and the natural beauty we all enjoy. 

Monica Zappa and her race dogs have been working tirelessly to stop the Pebble Mine. Her efforts have been recognized throughout Alaska by a coalition of activists. The picture above was from an ad on the back of Alaska Magazine by RRF that featured Monica’s campaign to protect Bristol Bay.

If built, Pebble would be the largest open-pit mine in the world.  Located in the headwaters of the Kvichak and Nushagak Rivers, the Pebble Mine would likely destroy two of the pristine major rivers that feed Bristol Bay, and pollute the bay itself. That's why we've joined with Team Zappa to spread the word about this important issue. 

The Alaskan Iditarod receives worldwide media attention.  Monica Zappa and her dogs will race under the banner “No Pebble Mine!”  The race start is broadcast nationally on major television networks, where we'll highlight the struggle against Pebble. Then, during the race, musher, dogs, sled and truck will be living billboards, decorated with the “No Pebble Mine” logo and using every moment of media exposure to carry the message to the world - No Pebble Mine!  In a great partnership of sport and culture, Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay will give Monica and her team a rousing public send-off concert, musical encouragement along the way and social media support from the network to help the campaign go viral.  

How Does This Help?

Iditarod mushers are community icons and get lots of attention.  Monica chooses to capitalize on this opportunity to share a message with the world – No Pebble Mine!  The more people who become aware of this issue, the more the balance tips in our favor to stop the mine. 

In January 2012, Monica Zappa and her partner Tim Osmar kicked off their campaign against the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. They participated in four races in the Midwest and Canada as a part of their Mushing to Save Bristol Bay Tour to help raise awareness of the dangers to Bristol Bay from a huge open pit mining proposal.  Their sled, gear, truck and dog coats were decked out in No Pebble Mine logos.  They gained widespread attention and media coverage wherever they went.  The dogs were great ambassadors!  Now they are gearing up to do the same for Iditarod 2014.

Musicians United To Protect Bristol Bay launched in January of 2013.  Dedicated to using the power of music and musicans’ networks to fight the Pebble Mine, Musicians United has already:

  • signed up close to 400 members, who are writing original music and using their concerts, appearances, newsletters and social networks to spread the word about the fight. 
  • produced an original CD Bristol Bay, with songs by legendary singer songwriter Si Kahn.  In July Bristol Bay hit #1 Folk CD and #1 Folk Artist based on international folk dj playlists. 
  • (this year) garnered 6 print articles, 1 hour long international tv special, 10 radio interviews, 14 concerts in the lower 48 and 8 concerts in Alaska. 

Now, together, we are ready to step up the game, by carrying this message to the Iditarod 2014 and onto the global stage.  Please donate to help Monica carry her message to the Iditarod!               

the steps

  1. Monica and the team have been training like mad and they are ready for this race.

  2. The Iditarod generally costs about $20,000 for a team.  Though Monica and Tim have raised a portion of that, creating the rest of this viral campaign, publicity materials, social media ads and the concert are all added costs.

  3. We need you to help us get there by making a donation and by joining the team. Every single donation is a statement of support and any amount helps. And all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

    $1 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100 - $200 - $500 - $1000

  4. Then we want you to stay with us on Facebook, helping to generate excitement about the whole thing.  On our facebook page, each week a different dog from the team will speak to the audience about why this is important to them.  We want you to post pictures of your dogs with comments of encouragement for the team and then share with your friends.  Let’s make this Stop the Pebble Mine/Mushing for Bristol Bay message go crazy viral! (See Raven’s message below for the page link)

  5. We will produce stickers, banners, posters, dog jackets, schwag, information kits, a kick-off concert – all to carry the message.  We will pump the campaign to viral with Facebook ads, using the dogs to generate excitement and participation.

  6. After the race, we will keep this new network informed and mobilize action alerts from time to time.  This David and Goliath struggle tests our ability to fight environmental degradation with people power.  The community continues to mobilize and the battle is going well.  Comments on the EPA site ran approximately 3:1 against the mine.  The biggest investor, Anglo American, pulled out of the project early this fall.  But there is big money at stake and Big Money hates to lose.  Become a part of the new wave of people around the globe standing up and saying no more destruction of the Earth!  

why we're doing it

A message from Raven 

Hello everyone – my name is Raven and I am a Team Leader.  I have run in 3 Iditarods already.   Even though I am 9 years old, I am still one of the fastest dogs on the team. Many of my children are on the team and like every mom, I care about their healthy future. That's why Monica and I decided to dedicate our Iditarod run to stop the Pebble Mine and protect Bristol Bay!

Humans do some pretty stupid things.  Sometimes, as dogs, we just have to put up with it, like when my humans call me “Ravey Brown Gravy” (they mean well and it seems to make them happy).  But some people, greedy for gold and copper ore, want to dig a gigantic open pit mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay in Alaska, one of the world’s few remaining pristine estuaries and home to 46% of the world’s remaining wild sockeye salmon! 

Sometimes you have to wonder why human beings, of all creatures, got the thumbs.  So my children and I (and our human, Monica) are running the Iditarod to bring attention to this outrageously bad idea.  We’ve already done this in a couple of other races.  Wait till you see us in our “No Pebble Mine!” jackets, mushing for Bristol Bay across Alaska! 

Monica still needs to raise a little money.  I don’t really understand money, but she says it has something to do with our food, jackets and signs, so… I would love the humans out there reading this to help us by donating.   

Our goal is to get 20,000 humans to give.  That’ll send a message to those old mining companies before we even start running.  Then just watch out.   Check in each week at our facebook page for a new message and update from a different dog on the team   See you on the Iditarod trail and thank you for helping us to Stop the Pebble Mine! 

A Message from Monica, Tim & Si Kahn

Thank you so much for supporting this campaign!  We believe that if people know about the Pebble Mine they will rise up against it.  We hope this idea of athletes and musicians working together has captured your imagination and that the dogs have captured your heart.   Join us.  Bring the message to the world -   No Pebble Mine!   Protect Bristol Bay permanently!




RAISED = $4,291.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $123.96

Dog Booties              2000
Kennels for shipping dogs   1200
Airfare                         1800
Medicine for dogs' feet       200
Office Supplies $91


Iditarod Entry fee      3000.

Sled with bag            2000

Dog Booties              2000

Kennels for shipping dogs   1200

Dog Food                   5000 

Human Food and hydration for trail   1000

Headlamps                  200

Batteries                       500

Axes Knives                 150

Cooker                          150

Gangline Harnesses  500

Gloves 2 pr per chckpnt  150

Sleeping Bag              350

Bunny Boots                140

Long Johns                 150

Shipping fees            1300

Airfare                          1800

Medicine for dogs' feet       200

Other medicine for dogs    200

Pre-Race activities travel lodging food   1000

Stop Pebble MIne promotional materials  1500

Campaign Coordinator     1250

Facebook ads            1500

Social media copy, design and management  1200

Concert technical only      1500

Total Needed  27,940

Raised to Date    8,000

Still to Raise    19,940

$10,000 from ioby

$9,940 from other philanthropic sources

SUBTOTAL = $10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335

RAISED = $4,291
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $124



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