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(Bedford Park and Mosholu Parkway )
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the project

This new project will be an extension of the outside murals into the playground itself where the sprinkler area with the seal spray will be transformed into a painted floor mural of a whimiscal water pond, sea creatures, and wildlife. 

Welcome to Mosholu Playground and it's wonderful colorful imaginative  organic murals that surrounds it. The 3 part mural "A Bird's Eye View", "Soaring", and "Natural Elements", are oversided colorful images of Mosholu Parkland, it's wildlife and the reaching up feeling of soaring up and away over the canopy of trees. They are organic because they continue to evolve and grow until the playground itself becomes the ideal place of childhood imagination for play and growth while creating treasured memories for their guardian, parent and care giver as they too join the child in being surrounded by the paradise of murals. 

the steps

The local aritist in the community will continue to work with FOMP. These funds will ensure we get the mural materials appropriate for water (pool paint in different colors)  and commission the artisit to continue to work on another mural at Mosholu Playground. The pond mural needs to start before the summer sprinkler gets turned on and kids can enjoy a new sprinkler experience. Touch-ups will be made after the summer season is over. 

why we're doing it

Mosholu Parkland is a treasured landscape in the community. It brings together the neighbrhoods of Bedford Park, Norwood and Mosholu. Though we have already welcomed hundreds of  new families in the community, more houseing developments continue to be built around the Mosholu Parkway area where it's landscape is now a concern for many. FOMPS all volunteer group help advocate and support PARKS and RECREATION managment of Mosholu along with it's partnering city agencies. 

Our mission is to seek recreational areas around Mosholu that could better service the activites that are better suited in a playground. The landscape on Mosholu is admired and loved by many residents in the community. Having fun colorful playgrounds so close to the parkland and to the new housing developments would ensure a safer player area, a greener landscape on Mosholu Parkland and an environment where old and new familiese would want to stay in the community for a very long time! 


$600 mural materials.

$350x2 muralist/artist fee

$300 tee-shirts 

SUBTOTAL = 1,600
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $48

Disbursed budget:

RAISED = $1,733.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $49.46



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