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the project

We, my great Team - have and continue even during a pandemic and now recovering - the needs are even greater to: provide services to our Seniors (Ministry Events; Christmas Wish List ($500 Christmas baskets); Health and Wellness Dance Instruction; yoga/instructional classes outside (weather permitting) at the Reformed Presbyterian Home 5th Saturday Services; to purchase "treat and gift card bags ($100)" for Hallelujah Night for young people (versus trick or treating) at Pamela's Day Care Center; Podcast Series on "Breaking ties that Bind” sessions for the Women and Empowerment Seminars (virtual and live at rental facilities);  Will once again, with your gift, award $500 gift to the Light of Life Missions to help defray costs for their new facility and toiletries; Will once again with your gift, award $500 gift to the Wounded Warriors Project to help purchase Christmas baskets for families; and will once again, select five (5) essential workers with a "thank you" of a $100 gift card, per person for a total of $500 for your continued service during the COVID-19 pandemic that is still spreading - need to continue to "thank" these committed souls that are taking care of us on a daily basis.

“Thank you” for this great opportunity. Because of COVID-19, the individuals that usually sponsor me are unemployed and/or need help also. 

Right now our donations are doubled with ioby to continue to serve our community.

This grant will allow YOU to bless us to be able to continue being a blessing!

the steps

When, we have been awarded this needed matching grant - immediately we will begin to purchase gift cards for the: Reformed Presbyterian Home; for Pamela's Day Care; for the Dorothy Gray Light of Life Missions Facility; for the Honey and Alma Ritter Wounded Warrior Project; and for our selected, Essential Workers.  

We presented gift cards versus purchasing "items" - during COVID-19, we allowed them to use the gift cards for their selected needs.  This worked last year and once again - the facilities and we know the Essentail Workers (still overworked and under appreciated) will use the gift cards wisely and needfully.  There still is a need and your generous gift will help supply this need.

why we're doing it

Multiplistic Services was started to provide services to the underserved/underrepresented souls that didn't have anyone to provide love, compassion and understanding to our Seniors, to Wounded Warriors and their Families; to our men and women at the Light of Life Missions; to the children and women that felt lost and didn't know how to begin to "Break those ties that Bind"; to young people that needed to be "heard" and understood and to continue to just have fun in a safe environment at the day care center - me and my Team at Multiplistic Services will continue, with your gift and financial assistance (yes still in a somewhat COVID-19 crisis)  meet the unmet needs of community and surrounding areas. This grant will allow YOU to bless us to be able to continue being a blessing!


$500:  Will bless 5 Essential workers with $100 gift cards; 

$500:  Gift to Reformed Presbyterian Home (Northside) with 50 gifts baskets at $10 a piece;

$500:  Financial gift in lieu of gifts cards to Wounded Warrior Project on the Northside;

$500:  Financial gift in lieu of gift cards to Light of Life Missions;

$100:  Purchase girt cards and treat baskets for Pamela Butler Day Care Center for Hallelujah Night (alternate to Halloween)


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