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Mrs. McGregor was the foundation of City Rising Farm and the force behind many of the relationships we built in the Hough neighborhood and beyond.  You could find her at any number of places lending a helping hand and sharing worthwhile advice. Her tenacity and ingenuity helped us create many of the awesome programs that are shared free of charge with anyone who would like to attend.

With her passing we want to be sure that the legacy of love, learning, sustainable land use and preservation she gave us remains in the Hough Neighborhood for generations to come. By transitioning Mrs. McGregor’s home into a Homestead Education Center we can continue to provide the education and resources she shared with the Greater Cleveland Community. We invite you to learn more about our beloved Mrs. McGregor and enjoy photos of the work she has done.

Checkout this video "Transforming Waste into Wealth" featuring Mrs. McGregor in 2015. Stay tuned for a new video coming this July!

Album Archive - Mrs. McGregor Gardener-At-Large

the steps

June & July 2018 Fundraise through ioby!

Fall of 2018 Garden maintinance and home repairs

February 2019 Soft opening of Mrs. McGregor's House: Hough's Homestead Education Center 

  • teach youth how to test your soil (from Y.O.U program)
  • how to start plants from seed
  • food preservation & canning classes
  • teach neighbors how to build a root cellars
  • how to extend your growing season with high and low tunnels
  • landscaping program for youth

"if young people know how to take care of property...they know how to take care of themselves & can make a living off of the land!" - Louis

​"we need these kids to have jobs” -Mrs. McGregor

June 2019  Grand Opening of Mrs. Mcregor's House: Hough's Homestead Education Center

August of 2019- Celebratory Community Harvest Festival!

why we're doing it

Hough is chock full of urban gardens.  It has a long history of people growing food at home and in the many empty lots that now populate the neighborhood.  This agricultural knowledge speaks to the legacy of the many people who have lived in this neighborhood and their families great migration north

There was very little that Mrs. McGregor needed to buy-as a senior on a limited income. She had an abundance of food and resources and it was because she created a homestead! We want to share with the community how Mrs. McGregor preserved resources, created an abundant life, and learn from their best practices, too.

Mrs. McGregor was...

  • a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother
  • a retired nurse and a natural nurturer
  • she was a founder and the official City Rising Farm ambassador 
  • she was a master gardener who got her credentials growing up on a working farm in Alabama
  • she was sustainable before it was in fashion - she wasted nothing (not money, not time, not resources)
  • she was tender of the soil and the earth
  • she transported her entire garden from East Cleveland to Hough when she moved back to the neighborhood in the 90’s
  • she said that she "made that soil, by carefully tending to it year after year, and she was taking it with her"
  • she was an expert networker who partnered with local youth, nursing homes, the re-entry community & the business community to pull off amazing programs
  • a friend to all!

Help us keep her legacy alive and ensure that the lessons we learned from her live on in perpetuity in Hough and beyond!


Disbursed Budget [2 of 2]

Utilities $382.52
Raised = $394.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $11.48
Total to Disburse = $382.52

Disbursed Budget [1 of 2]

Raised = $7,806.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $226.34
Total to Disburse = $7,544.66

secure the home $3,000

property taxes $200

utilities and bills ($150 x12 =) $1,800

equipment (hedge clippers, weed wacker, saw to cut back trees) $600

stipends to motivate tweens $400

Tools, additional fees, fence - $1,544.66


Original Budget 

secure the home $3,000

property taxes $200

utilities and bills ($150 x12 =) $1,800

equipment (hedge clippers, weed wacker, saw to cut back trees) $600

stipends to motivate tweens $400

Subtotal = 6,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $180
Total to raise = $6,215






Still Going!!!!

The City Rising Farm team is fortunate to be able to extend our campaign through August 31, 2018.  

Please share our campaign widely!  

Cleveland Climate Action Fund Matching Dollars Available!!!

Great News!!  City Rising Farm has been chosen by the Cleveland Climate Action Fund to receive up to $5000 in matching funds for anything raised through our Mrs. McGregor's House IOBY campaign through August 5th. 

Please help us maximize this wonderful opportunity with a donation which is tax deductible. Every dollar donated will be matched!
Your donation will help keep urban agriculture and community network building education available where it is most needed and expand what we can offer in the future! 

City Rising Farm is open to everyone. 


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