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The Mozart School's outdoor common area is more than a playground. It's a community space.

The school's common area includes two great spaces that are in urgent need of repair and attention:

  • An outdoor amphitheatre and patio
  • A garden space

This spring, we want to refurbish the outdoor amphitheatre as Phase One of our refurbishment effort. And we need your help!

This will benefit the entire community - not just Mozart students and staff.
Because of the complex lottery system in our urban district, only some of the young families that live in the Mozart neighborhood attend the school.   But - and here's the kicker - nearly all the local families utilize the playground and adjacent play yard.   Our outside space is utilized year-round by families, play groups, block parties, and more.   

With the funds we raise this spring, we plan to make this built-in amphitheatre more usable and create a community"commons" area that will prove itself as a third space for activities and events including:   

  • Concert: the school's already robust music program would actually have a place to hold concerts and recitals (allowing it to live up to its namesake!). 
  • The afterschool program at the Mozart - which is run by the YMCA, and as such is entirely separate from the school administration - would have a place to perform plays and concerts (the program director has a degree in drama and would fully utilize this space).
  • Everything from pop-up play workshops to community theatre performances.

What we need now.
This project is a multi-phase effort, and the first chapter will involve the shoring up of the amphitheatre steps installation of astroturf and new soil base.   


the steps

Once we have the majority of the cash in hand, we can give the green light to the astroturf company, who requires only a couple weeks' notice to get started.

In an ideal world, we could even have the astroturf in place for the end-of-the-year BBQ in mid-June.  This event typically includes the entire Mozart community and future Mozart school families.   It would be a perfect event and venue to launch the second chapter of fundraising for the Mozart Commons.

why we're doing it

We feel strongly that this project will not only solve an existing challenge for the Mozart Elementary school, but also provide an invaluable service and gathering space for other community groups. 

For a typical grade school that might have access to an indoor theater or a gym with bleachers, an outdoor theatre area would be merely a nice-to-have feature; but for our pocket-sized school, with its incredibly meager indoor space, this outdoor performance space is a must-have.  After considerable analysis and discussion by district and school admins, the consensus is that the only way for this school to grow its community and multi-purpose space is to leverage the outdoor infrastructure.

We have been presented with a unique opportunity to solve this problem:  a member of our Mozart community is the owner of a small, local astroturf business, and is willing to provide materials and installation services at cost.   While $10k is a daunting amount of money for our little school to raise, it is actually only about 70% of what this would cost at full retail.   So the time is now to reclaim this vital commons area for our kids and neighbors!

If we can get the astroturf and soil scaffolding project in by summer vacation, then we can embark on the second wave of fundraising with a goal of raising the money to install shade sails over the space.  Not only would this make the space usable in a wider variety of weather, but it would better define the space and lend to the "commons" aesthetic.



Disbursed budget (5.14.18)

RAISED = $10,100.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00*
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $465.97*
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $279.58*
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $10,100.00

*Fees to be paid offline.

Original budget:

For this initial round of fundraising, we aim to raise a total of $10,000, which will be spent on rebuilding the infrastructure around the stone theatre steps and applying high-quality astroturf over a new soil foundation.  Because we have a Mozart community member who owns a small business in this industry, we will be able to obtain these materials and services at cost.

ioby Platform Fee* $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)* $300
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby*= $10,000

*Fees will be paid offline.



The soil infill and rebedding is happening as we speak....and then the turf goes in later today or tomorrow morning.   THANK YOU to everyone who supported this, financially or otherwise....we appreciate it so much!   We will post photos once it's all in place.   hooray!

30 Days Left!

Ground breaking is scheduled for 6/1. We want turf for our end of year concerts and for the End of Year BBQ Celebration. Let’s get the funds raised! 

We're picking up speed...

Hello Mozart Commons fans! Thanks for all your support so far.  We're thrilled to get this project off the ground (even though ultimately, the ground is exactly where it will go).  Marathon Monday here in Boston is a great time to reflect on how baby steps can add up to a monumental achievement.   Thanks for being a part of this!  We'll keep you posted on our progress.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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