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the project

The project is working closely with young men in the inner city ages 11-18 this Summer encouraging them to rise above any limited beliefs and error thoughts about themselves or others inspiring them to practice being intentional channels for peace as an alternative to crime and violence. We are taking time to build healthy trusting relationships and coming together regularly to share our experiences and talk about real life issues in a loving atmosphere of integrity and gratitude we encourage our young men  to have hope and to envision a brighter future through self respect , self control and non violence. We learn to validate each others feelings and emotions, the art of active listening and better communication skills that will ultimately help our young men rise to a higher level of understanding while encouraging  our peers to do the same.

We meet twice weekly; on Wednesdays for an interactive activity such as sports, gardening, fishing and community events. We meet Fridays for our group meeting, “The Hour of Power” and a meal. These interactions give our young men a chance to practice interacting with each other in the moment in healthy positive ways and to process what they are thinking and feeling.

When we don’t think highly of ourselves it is nearly impossible to think highly of others. Together we’re building healthy productive relationships while taking responsibility for our actions, reactions and how we show up in our community. This Project is a start on a journey of an ongoing lifestyle change for the young men who decide to take on the challenge of practicing being intentional channels for peace as an alternative to crime and violence.

the steps

Step 1: Provide a safe healthy space for youth to meet and map out plans for the summer activities

Step 2: Get permission slips and program criteria out to parents

Step 3: Collect end of year report cards and make a plan to help bring grades up for the upcoming school year 

Step 4: Plan end of summer event to celebrate progress for all the community youth

why we're doing it


There is a need in our communities to stop the crime and violence.  This project will help our youth to think twice before adding to a problem by gossiping, repeating negative messages, criticizing, judging or condeming others. We practice being intentional in our desire to keep the peace in our lives, schools and neighborhoods. This takes practice and we want to make sure that everywhere we go we remember that we have a choice to be and do better in life. We are constantly reminding each other that we can have good clean fun without hurting , disrespecting or violating someone elses space. Ultimately, this project will spread throughout the City of Cleveland with a plan to do good, find inner peace and share the wonderful energy that comes from being at peace with self.


$350 Cabin for 3 cabin

$2000 Transportation

$200 for 17 T Shirts

$200 Hats

$400 Fishing rods, bait, and tackle

$3000 Food and Drink

$500 Journals, Markers, Posterboards and pencils 

$300 Self help books

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $216
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $7,201


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