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the project

Executive Summary

Moss Point Visionary Circle (MPVC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to assisting those affected by tragedy.  We join the network of national, state/territorial/tribal and local organizations to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on racial and ethnic minority, rural and socially vulnerable populations.  MPVC will provide community-level information dissemination on availability of COVID-19 testing, vaccination, other healthcare, and social services in highly impacted or at-risk geographic areas. 

Mission Statement, Vision and Values

The Moss Point Covid Community Outreach Project seeks to prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19 by eliminating health disparities in African American communities through awareness, testing, and contact tracing.  We envision wellness and social well-being for all people in the region, including those of color residing in underserved communities and who are more likely to have serious, chronic and often preventable diseases as well as significantly higher mortality rates.  We must protect the most vulnerable. We know who the target is. We know who to protect.   We will examine the impact that this disease has on vulnerable populations and pledge our support to those affected by this tragedy.  Our non-profit work culture is based on integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, transparency, teamwork and accountability We are aligned with the federal government priority on covid-19 to Protect the Health of Americans Where They Live, Learn, Work and Play.  

Our specific hypotheses state as free mobile community testing for covid-19 in communities of color increases, disproportionate infection and death rates for those communities decrease. Our specific outcome dictate testing 3% of the catchment population, disease tracing of 100% covid-19 active community member tested and community education and social media outreach of a documented 10% of the catchment population which will have a correlation to the decrease in infection and death rates.  Currently, in Jackson county Mississippi, Black people account for 22% of the county population but make up 54% of the people infected and 47% of the infected people who die from covid-19.  In Mississippi, Black people account for 38% of the state population but make up 51% of the people infected and 49% of the infected people who die from covid-19.  We want to bring these numbers down to mirror the population rate of 22% and 38% respectively.


the steps

The Moss Point Covid-19 Community Outreach Project WILL mitigate impact through:

  1. Free community drive/walk up testing with immediate physician access with a goal of testing 3% county population and 25% decrease in infection rate in hot spots
  2. PPEs for underserved healthcare workers and community members
  3. Ventilator hoods for under equipped facilities experiencing Covid-19 patient overflow at least one to 3 per entity
  4. community education and social media outreach
  5. disease tracing of 100% covid 19 active community member tested

why we're doing it

The numbers of minorties dying from covid-19 are terribly skewed and blatently show the disparity in health care for marginalized groups.  Black and brown people are dying at a disporportionate rate.  The numbers are based locally but reflect regional and national trends.  We have the technical skill set, human resources and a formal strtegic plan to address these concerns.  If we dont stand up and do something about it who will?  We can solve this problem.  We have a plan and we are executing our plan.  


(3) testing kits $1500 each tests 72 people total----$4500

(200) teleone month doc subscriptions $17 each-----------$3400

(1) Program sign $100

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