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the project

The Burns Montview neighborhood is located a block northeast of Ashley Elementary School. During these extraordinarily challenging times, we recognize that increased burdens have been placed on some families due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The impact is growing based on the failure of the latest relief package for families in need. Easing the burden of the families of 5th graders by providing a $100.00 gift card for them to use to purchase additional items or needs they'll likely incur when school resumes at some point in the fall of this year 89% of students attending Ashley are students of color. and 87% are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program. We'd like to lighten their load a litlle and send a message of support from individuals who understand their plight.    

During the school year Ashley students participate in 60 minutes of art, music, physical education, and science each day. There are many other opportunities that Ashley 5th graders had access to including Destination Imagination, Kids with a Conscience, Kindness  Club and the Shakespeare Club – to name a few.

On April 7th of this year, Ashley moved to an educational model that matched the rest of the state. During the remote learning phase, students and families learned a new way to finish out the 2019-20 school year. Ashley students were ahead of the game since they were adept at using an iPad making for a seamless transition. Thus, congratulations were in order at the end of the school year related to uninterrupted engagement and staying on task with school assignments (Ashley continuation video on Facebook).

the steps

Over the summer, volunteers are coordinating with school personnel to get cards in the hands of target families.We anticipate mailing cards to some families and/or dropping them off to the school for distribution. If possible, we will work to host a pick-up day with light refreshments to make a connection with the neighborhood, families and the school.

why we're doing it

Acts of kindness are needed now more than ever before. Taking this small step to do something for students and families who are likely significantly challenged economically due to COVID-19, could be contagious. Offering this support for families in the coming years could be an additional benefit of this project. Many are supportive of doing something that has a positive impact at a time when we are all concerned about family, friends and the larger community. 

The National Education Association advises parents, teachers, and schools to show support for students making this transition. Support is needed under “normal” or the best of circumstances. In the current pandemic environment, there is so much more to consider and manage. Regardless to whether students enter middle school in a brick and mortar school setting, or the new school year starts out online, it is a big transition that is worthy of support.

Ashley Elementary has a wonderful presence in the community and is a neighborhood school dedicated to cultivating intellectual curiosity, creativity, and joyful and rigorous learning opportunities for students, ensuring that they are prepared to be thoughtful, engaged citizens in an ever-changing world (Ashley website). Ashley serves students from the Montclair, Parkhill, and Stapleton neighborhoods.


$3,300.00 Donations to students & families

$  180.00 Fees to purchase cards

$    20.00 Postage

$    50.00 Misc.


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Make a Difference Today

Every child needs a hero. An Ashley student needs YOU!

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