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the project

Teddy Bear Project in collaboration with Bronx River Alliance's Foodway Team is fundraising for a Monarch Festival.  We are excited to celebrate with 100 visitors in Concrete Plant Park on August 27th (rain date September 3rd, 2022).  The Monarch Butterfly Celebration will be a full day of educational activities for people of all ages to learn about the monarch butterfly life cycle and the nationwide movement to restore habit, while tracking migration from Canada to Central Mexico. 


the steps

The Foodway Team meets the second Wednesday of each month to fundraise &  plan for Concrete Plant Park activities.  We will collectively open the meeting agenda to Monarch Celebration ideas and leadership roles.  Members can use the Google Doc & campaign to implement their Celebration ideas.

Funding will be utilized for the following items:

  • Festival expenses and stipends
  • Design and advertising expenses
  • Pollinator-related entertainment 
  • Printing expenses

The funds will be disbursed August 17th for specific allocations from donor contributions. 

why we're doing it

Educational activities including art performances, written materials, & coloring books will educate all ages on the lifecycle and natural history of the monarch butterfly.  Milkweed plant giveaway, meadow planting demonstration, and butterfly tagging will encourage visitors to engage in conservation actions that help create high quality habitat as well as data sets  necessary for monitoring monarch butterfly mortality.


Festival expenses and stipends - $600

Design and advertising expenses - $1000

Pollinator-related entertainment - $350

Printing expenses - $50

Total - $2000

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