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Thank you to our donors and what's next...

the project

The Friends of Mississippi River Basin Model is partnering with the Jackson Branch of the American Society of Engineers to clean up the historical Mississippi River Basin Model on October 15 & 16 and on November 19th. We will move trees, clear grass, remove debris, and share information about future projects at this site. Please wear long pants and bring snacks. 

We hope to meet and develop  a list of interested volunteers to maintain this site for future generations. Going forward we would like to renovate and preserve the model as well as improve Buddy Butts Park as a whole.

the steps

This clean up day will be a kick off event and lead to future projects at this site. We will start with a clean up day to remove debris and stop encroachment of the adjacent woods into the model. Once debris and trees are cleared we will remove trash in and around the model and in the park. We are working with the city to make improvements to the area and turn this site into an educational destination.

why we're doing it

The Mississippi River Basin Model is historically significant because of the role WWII POW’s played in construction, the discoveries and advancement it brought about in the world of hydraulic engineering, and for the impacts on flood control structures stretching from the Dakotas in the north to Louisiana in the south. The model is in the center of Buddy Butts Park a very diverse and lively park in Jackson, MS. The park contains several other groups that would benefit from a park wide renovation. The City of Jackson has a need for educational opportunities for children. Preserving and renovating the model as well as future projects would enhance educational opportunities for the underserved youth. 


Disbursed budget (as of 12/1/16):

$660 towards renting a wood chipper, a sign, garbage bags, flags, water, and snacks for both clean up days. 

RAISED = $660.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived

Updated Budget (as of 10/13/16):

We have the gloves donated, water donated, and signs can be printed for free!  So the new goal is $1000.




$                100.00



$             400




$                  70.00



$             280




$                  80.00



$             320


 $           1,000


SUBTOTAL = $1,000
ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived


Original Budget:

Mississippi River Basin Model    
CLEAN UP DAY          
Item No. Description Unit Average Price Quantity  Cost
1 Tables EA $                100.00 4 $             400
2 Tent EA $                  70.00 4 $             280
3 Coolers EA $                  80.00 4 $             320
4 Gloves EA $                  20.00 10 $             200
5 Goggles EA $                  25.00 4 $             100
6 Sign EA $                200.00 1 $             200
7 Water (35 pk) CASE $                    5.00 20 $             100
             $         1,600

SUBTOTAL = $1,600
ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived



Thank you to our donors and what's next...

Thank you to our donors and volunteers!  We are continuing to meet with local groups and foundations to explain our goals. We hope to start with additional clean up days once the weather warms up. We have bi-weekly meetings with our group and we have been developing proposals for local grant funds. Our next biggest event will be a tour/presentation at the park in April as part of the State of Mississippi Bicentennial Events across the state. 

Our project featured on ioby's blog!

by ioby
October 28, 2016

Never heard of the Mississippi River Basin Model? Neither have most people, which is a real shame, because it’s a piece of world history, and it is magnificent. It’s a beautifully exact, awesomely gigantic, hydraulic model of the entire Mississippi River Basin (that’s about 40% of the US, for perspective), built in a 200-acre park in Jackson. The model was conceived of in the wake of the great Mississippi flood of 1927, and the subsequent flood in ’37, after which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finally really accepted that just building levees all over the place wasn’t going to do the trick. They needed a way to act more strategically, to see exactly how water was going to flow in all those streams and nooks and crannies, and into towns. They needed a way to test out the basin’s response to various kinds of floods – with real earthen banks, and real water. 

Click here to read and share the full article about our project! 

News: We've received in kind donations...

Thanks to some very generous in kind donations of some of the Clean Up Day supplies we've been able to reduce our online fundraising goal!

We have the gloves donated, water donated, and signs will be printed for free!

Thank you!




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