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the project

The Millikin Neighborhood Group is working to create a weekly summer series of arts, music, dance,and movement events and programs, to take place at the Millikin Playground during the summer of 2021. As the pandemic fades, the goal is to once again bring neighbors together to build community while having fun. 

The Millikin Neighborhood Group was started a few years with the goals of helping neighbors to know one another and creating a central greenspace/playground hub. Accomplishments include adding equipment and activities to the playground, hosting clean up events, community potlucks, a chalk festival and a concert. The weekly summer events series is the next step in building community and providing the neighborhood with fun activities. Funds raised will be used to pay arts professionals to lead activities and purchase supplies. 

the steps

The Millikin Neighborhood Group will: 

Identify and schedule arts professionals to lead activities /perform

Purchase supplies and materials needed for any activities

Ensure that members of the neighborhood receive information about upcoming activities and events

Coordinate activities and performances

why we're doing it

Millikin is a unique, diverse, neighborhood in Cleveland Heights. The overall goal is to build community and provide ways for neighbors to meet each other and build community - strengthening the neighborhood and the experience of all who call this cormer of Cleveland Heights home. The hub for these activities is the Millikin Playground/ greenspace, which has been transformed through the efforts of the surrounding community. 


$800 to pay artists, musicians, dancers, and others to lead activities and provide programming

$200 to purchase supplies needed for programs and events

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) (Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)"    $15
TOTAL TO RAISE=    $1,015
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