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the project

The Las Montanas Charter High Schools drop-in center will be a multi-purpose space within the school where students at anytime during the school day may come in and take a few minutes for themselves or speak to a student naviagator (staff member) or, if requested, they can speak to a mental health professional.  This project is student driven, with the support of the school faculty and administration. Because it is being designed by students for students, the room will be an inviting, youth centered and work to diminish the stigma of living with a mental health conditions and/or seeking support. The use and services of the drop-in center will be accessible to any and all students attending the high school, so it will be available to serve roughly 140 students, 4 days a week during the school year. Funding for this project would allow the creation of this drop-in center and, in particular, facilitate the process of furnishing the space so that it is comfortable and accessible, where all students feel safe and welcome.


the steps

Our project team consists of 6 student team leads wth an additional 10 students.  Students are currently designing the space and taking inventory of what we already have.  Students will be clearing out the dedicated room and preparing the room for two different murals with fresh paint, this will take place during the next two weeks of April. At the start of May, students will bring in the furniture and items we already have and set up privacy areas. During the second week of May students will order and purchase the furniture for the drop-in center.  During third full week of May students will host information sessions/tours for their fellow classmates to introduce them to space and how they will be able to use it.

why we're doing it

Las Montanas Charter High School considers itself one big family and over the last few years they have experienced a few students dying by suicide, of which greatly impacted the student body and faculty alike.  In response, ENgaging LAtino Communities for Education (ENLACE) students focused their projects on the subjects of mental health and suicide prevention. Through their research and action projects they have disseminated, throughout the school, the national suicide prevention hotline and authored a protest chant in support of individuals living with mental health conditions.  

To further support their fellow classmates, the ENLACE students wanted to bring in full time mental health counselor to the school.  However, given the stigma of living with a mental health condition and cost/fee requirements, the students knew they had to create something a little different so that all students with different mental health needs  could have access to different levels of support . After many brainstorming sessions and proposals to the administration, a drop-in center is the project that received the best response and viability for the student body.

Also though, the mental health drop-in center is important to each student team leader for their own personal reasons.  During our brainstorming sessions, their sentiments about the mental health drop-in center came to light.

Students have stated:

"I want to create a space where my peers and future generations feel they have a safe place where they can get a quick response to their needs, instead of waiting for the process (provider referral) with help coming late."

"A mental health drop-in center in our school is important because there are a lot of people who do not get enough support.  When I was going through my cousin's death, I got really depressed and did not have anyone to talk to."

"I think it will help a lot students feel better to have someone to talk to and not keep things inside them."

"If we were to get a mental health drop-in center it would help a lot with my anxiety and give me a place to relax."

"I think if we have this drop-in center we can go in there and talk about our problems or take a few minutes to calm down."

"I just want a safe spot with someone to talk to."


The mission of Las Montañas Charter High School is to develop the academic potential and personal character of each student by engaging and valuing the student, family and community partnership. Students will work to prepare for and meet the challenges of a post-secondary or workforce environment for a globally diverse society.




TOTAL RAISED = $1,291.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $38.73


$    375 --  Paint

$    325 -- Materials (rollers, brushes, tape, scaffold rental)

$ 2,455 -- Furniture

$    485 -- Applicances

$    610 -- Furnishings

$    380 -- Flex seating

$    370 -- Decorative items and other

$ 5,000 -- Project Total


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156



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