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the project

In the U.S., soccer is a sport of the suburbs — a game that requires a van, fancy equipment, and well-groomed fields. But soccer was born on the streets, empty lots, and parks of cities all over the world. Many young players who live in the city of Memphis are must travel 45 minutes by car to practice and participate in competitive soccer games. Proximity and affordability are huge barriers to inclusion in the World's Game.

We want to inspire players to engage their local parks and meet up with friends after school to practice and play in their own neighborhoods by highlighting the incredible icons of soccer who represent or are from their own communities. 

the steps

1. Engage communities in mural decision-making by contacting stakeholder organizations and partners for their history, feelings, and thoughts around what mural locations and subjects would best represent them.

2. Mock-up each mural in sketch form

3. Get final approvals

4. Acquire materials 

5. Invite artist collaborators and volunteers to help implement the murals

6. Paint the murals

7. Write a web-based story about the project, community engagement, and murals to create a lasting record of our work

why we're doing it

Soccer is meant to revolve around community and inclusion. However, in the U.S., barriers like cost and proximity limit the accessibility of the sport. We want to show that soccer icons started their journey just like most children in Memphis — by playing a pick-up game in the park, or practicing their skills in an empty lot. 


Materials: $2,000 ($200 per mural)

Labor: $10,000 ($1,000 per mural)

Artist food stipends: $1200 

Artist accomodations: $1200 

Artist gas stipends: $350

Artist travel stipends: $250

Cost of time/labor dedicated to grassroots organizing and partner development: $6,000

Contingency: $1000

TOTAL: $22,000 


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $681

TOTAL TO RAISE = $22,716


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