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the project

Our goal is to create a chicken coop on our school campus.  The goal is to raise chickens and to start a CSA so that students will create a connection with the community members around healthy food practices.  This project will provide a platform for educating students on sustainable food systems as well as building a relationship with our neighborhood community to create a discussion about sustainability.  

the steps

The funds will allow us to build a chicken coop that will house the chickens.  Students have designed the coop and researched which chickens to buy.  After the coop is built students we will buy the chickens and raise them.  Once they begin laying students will gather their eggs, recruit members for the CSA and begin working with the community to develop awareness about food sustainability and complex systems.  

why we're doing it

This project provides a direct connection between students/community members and their food.  In particular, how chickens are raised, their environmental impacts, the costs of raising animals and the health concerns of raising animals.  This will provide a lens for students and community members to examine their food choices and how their food choices effect the environment.  


From the blueprint designed by students for a 24x10 chicken coop students determined the materials necessary for the construction.  This projection includes, lumber, nails, screws, plywood, insulation, roofing, windows, and doors. Students did cost analysis at 3 different vendors, including Lowe's, Home Depot and a local hardware store.  Cost projections came in between $2,300 and $2,700

ioby labor and materials = $35
ioby fiscal sponsorship fee (5%) = $125
3rd party credit card processing fee (3%) = $75

Total = $2,735



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