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Thanks! Public Participation in Making an Energy Green Map

the project

Awareness is the issue! Unfortunately, today, too many New Yorkers don't realize there are wonderful resources for everyday green living in our city. They don't know how to find special places where they can experience nature, where they can connect with community greening projects or how to get involved in issues impacting their health and outlook. Instead, our neighbors may feel overwhelmed by today's environmental crises, and feeling helpless, they can become apathetic and inactive. We want to involve everyone in our city's transformation into the "Green Apple"! Our many years of creating Green Maps, leading tours, providing workshops and making websites like have shown us the importance of the social side of sustainable community development. Now we want to leverage this power to create hands-on, fun events that give individuals the confidence to take action, share skills and build networks, leading to a more sustainable city and more Green Maps throughout the five boroughs. Your contribution to this project will cover stipends for interns handling the planning, promotion, communications, refreshments, materials, and documentation of these four unique events.

the steps

We're planning to produce four events, each about three weeks apart between June 21 and September 21, 2011 -- exact dates will be posted on ioby and We'll do outreach with community groups and Green Mapmakers in the neighborhoods where the events will take place, and using, Facebook, Twitter and our newsletter, we'll get the word out to new audiences. We'll organize the event, refreshments and materials. At each, we'll quickly introduce our tools, and explain how we select sites and resources for the Green Map. Participants will then go outdoors to explore local projects, places and organizations, then take part in making a Green Map! Each person will be equipped to stay involved and take action for a healthier and greener community.

why we're doing it

Bringing people together is our plan, so you are invited to a Green Map Meetup! We are planning at least four different types of events in different neighborhoods in Summer 2011. Parties, tours, workshops and design charrettes will introduce you to local green living, natural, cultural and social resources. Each Green Map Meetup will have its own theme and all of them will include an introduction to our mapmaking tools, including the new way to create an interactive Open Green Map. Indeed, our mapping platform is so easy to use that NYC already has 18 neighborhood Open Green Maps created by schools and community groups charting composting, culture, gardens and more! Every site on these online maps can be enhanced with your photos, videos and ratings - you'll find out how at the Meetup. You'll see first hand what makes a green site a resource you can use everyday. Each participant will receive a printed Green Map of NYC guiding you to everyday green options for getting around, dining, shopping, learning and relaxing in the community and all across the city. First published in 1992, our original map has inspired a network of locally-led Green Map projects has spread to 50 countries! You might become a Green Mapmaker yourself, and in any case, by taking part, you will also be helping Green Map System test out different mapmaking Meetup concepts, which will be shared with project leaders in other cities.


Our budget includes these amounts for each of the four events: materials $50; refreshments $50; space fees $50; three interns' stipends for planning, promotion, logistics and documentation - 15 hours @ $10 = $150. The total is $300 per event x 4 events = $1200 for this project. Original project total = $1,200 New project total = $419 ioby fee = $33


Thanks! Public Participation in Making an Energy Green Map


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