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the project

Our pilot program is designed to empower youth, in the production and sharing of professional-quality videos and photographs. These elements will anchor messaging campaigns supportive of their organizations' unique community missions. 

Our hands-on, immersive experience combines behind-the-scenes collaboration with on-camera content crafting; which is guided and mentored by seasoned creative professionals in LightGrid's Community Studio. 

the steps


100 community youth, and their leaders/mentors, will be guided in an active learning environment; as prescribed by the M.I.L.E. curriculum - Media, Interactive Literacy, and Engagement.

- Youth will develop team-building skills and understand their importance in various creative professional roles and career paths.

- Youth will better understand, and experience, their collective agency, and influence as community message-making teams.  

- Youth will personally cultivate higher levels of on-camera confidence, in the capacities of the presenter, interviewer, or panelist and be challenged to broaden their communication techniques.

why we're doing it

We're executing the M.I.L.E. curriculum in the LightGrid Community Studio for three reasons:

1) To ENGAGE youth around subject matter like Climate and the Environment because it is important that they're versed and attentive to issues that affect their families and communities.

2) To EMPOWER youth with solid message-making and message-sharing skills, that enable them to draw their peers into the important discussion; on their generation's terms and comfort level.

3) To ENCOURAGE youth by exposing them to creative professions, and helping them to see wider career possibilities; while also enriching their present lives with self-confidence and more poignant public voices.


Updated Disbursed Budget 3/22/23- 


TOTAL RAISED = $19,250.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $962.50
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $288.75



AI (Artificial Intelligence) Generative Art Production - $3,500

50 Studio Rental Hours - $8,750

In Studio, Pre and Post Production Team - $8,000

Editing - $4,500

Content Distribution/Publishing - $5,250

Total: $30,000


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.  


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