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the project

  • The event is MayDay PlayDay, a full month of 5 weeks of recreation, sport, arts/crafts at the local Robertson community center. 
  • Expand our program into Arts & Crafts, flag football and Volleyball. (Co-ed) ages 5 to 17 with each age group having select event times
  • Youth arts and craft program will design, build and paint planters boxes, mini benches, sports equipment and much more. With the objective to give at-risk youth another avenue for emotional, stress and anxiety release, and further opens another door for youth engagement regarding behavior and decision making. 
  • The arts and crafts program is centered around using planter boxes to beautify the community and  refurbishing sports equipment.  
  • The Sport/rec program will center around Flag-Football/Volleyball, and board games, competitions,  and tournaments.
  • This event creates a safe space every weekend from 10am to 3pm, for 5 weeks.
  • The program is free to all youth and our target area is District 2, with specific intent at Del Paso Heights, Strawberry Manor, Del Ore Flat, Del Vista Novau. 

The youth will be provided a meal at every event and allowed to keep their arts & crafts work, including t-shirts.

the steps

  • Second week of April 2024 we will assign team leaders to facilitate groups and projects.
  • We will pay all fees, facility usage fee, and vendor fees.
  • Purchase paint, brushes, canvases, t-shirts, pencils, color-crayons, and all forms of material dealing with arts and crafts. 
  • Purchase footballs, volleyballs, flags, safety equipment and games.

why we're doing it

This project addresses the issue with youth violence and property damage, by providing the youth with a safe space as an alternative option  to engage in productive activities.  The surrounding area of the location of the program has a lot of youth, approximately 3 elementary schools within a 15 minute walk. This program addresses sports, recreation arts, crafts and mentoring.


Final budget


Art Supplies/Material Paint /Canvases/ brushes etc. $187.28

T-shirts Multiple forms of T-shirts $400.00

Space fee $500.00

Press on Designs Signs and letters $250.00

Mic $198.72

Original budget

Items:                                                             Description:                                                                                        Cost:

Facility Fees                                                $20 hr and $80 hour                                                                             $5,000.00

Staff                                                  Coaches/mentors/team leaders  stipends                                                        $3,000.00

Gifts/Awards                                       Gift cards, trophies, medals                                                                           $5,000.00

Equipment                                footballs,basketballs,Volleyballs,flags,                                                                                                      Equipment                                agility ladders, cones, bags, etc                                                                              $5,000.00  

Marketing                                                    Flyers, signs                                                                                       $1500.00

Paint                                                   U.S. Art deluxe 144 pack Sargent Art Acrylic colors 12 1 gal.                          $500.00

Material                                             Art supplies brushes etc.                                                                                $400.00

Canvases                                           Painting Canvas 72pk,  / 360 canvas                                                             $200.00

T-shirts                                                Multiple forms of T-shirts                                                                             $2,000.00

Press on Designs                                   Signs and letters                                                                                       $1,200.00

Entertainment                                      Fun Friends                                                                                                $1,500.00                              

Jump house                                                 Purchase of two bounce houses                                                           $1,000.00

Food/Drink                                                     $7 a plate                                                                                        $3,500.00

Cleaning and other materials                          Materials like cups,  bleach, wipes, hand soap etc.                               $200.00


Total:                                                                                                                                                                $30,000



ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee N/A $0.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $1,250.00
TOTAL TO RAISE $31,250.00





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