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the project

  My vision is to initiate the formation of a foundation that will break several generational curses. To implement a practice that will effect and become behavior, that overtime, will become a cultural practice. 

   My father passed at the age I am now. A neglect to manage diabetes was the cause. This disease is totally preventable, but so many suffer a long with several other preventable generational curses. 

  The Master Self program goal is for the youth to clearly understand that high blood pressure is a prerequisite to many of these generational curses. For the youth to understand how to do an effective exercise session that filters their circulatory system and maintenances physical while strengthening the  muscular system


the steps

   With the necessary resources in place me and my team will be able to appeal to larger groups and be consistent with our guidance. 

   Also when resources are in place we can move forward with our substantiated curriculum which is a 3 month download. 

  Beginning March 2024 we plan to initiate our 3 months curriculum. 

   At the conclusion and graduation in June 2024 we plan do shape the after program wow starting a new group to journey the course of MASTER SELF generational course brea

why we're doing it

   The Master self team is doing this program to extend the life expectancy of our community.

    Our vision is to provide a foundation to a new culture. A real culture of mastering self in the youth stage.

   We do this to defeat several preventable generational curses within our community. Heart attacks,  Cancer,  Strokes, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. 


4 classroom ipads  For participants to use for research and study... $600

Flyers, cards and other promotional means...$200

 Food and refreshments...$1000

 Personal  Items for participants socks, underclothes, hygiene items prizes and awards...$1000

 Classrooms materials: journals, writing utensils, paper, dictionaries,  thesaurus's, small bags etc... $200

 Community outings:  Monthly field trips for participants Community events...$2000



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ioby Donation Processing Fee 4%    $208.33
TOTAL TO RAISE    $5,208.33
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