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We have a start date!

the project

Our mission is to develop the skills and assets of urban and other at-risk youth in Harlem in support of successful educational and health outcomes, which will in turn improve their quality of life. 

We are doing this through a program grounded in the critical thinking skills and discipline inherent in chess and the related skill development that comes with learning this complex game.

Our goal is to create a program with 20-30 participants who will further their involvement with chess and use this towards academic excellence and inspire them to act as positive forces for good citizens among youth.

Based on our experience we anticipate that the program will attract three types of kids,
1.  those who have limited or no experience at chess
2.  those who, thorough in-school programs, have been exposed to the game of chess and
3.  those kids who play chess at the  intermediate and advanced level.
This program will address those three levels of participants.  The program will service an estimated thirty children and will conclude with a tournament/competition that offers tangible rewards to the participants.

In that tradition we have initiated the following program at ML KING TOWERS, and are seeking to remunerate instructors who have, since 2018, been offering their skills on a voluntary basis. This initiative uses chess as a tool to positively academic performance, particularly in reading, math and science skillls and develop conflict resolution skills.

This initiative will work with a cross section of Youth involved with the ML KING tower through a holistic chess program, designed, to accomplish those goals and objectives..

The program takes place on Saturdays from 1:00--3:00.

the steps

* Outreach to families about this Chess Program to expand participation (currently we have 5-10 participants).

* Continue to develop skills of participants as they return to the chess club on a weekly basis.

* Provide a sanctuary for the participants, encouraging them to to develop their potential.

* Help to foster a culture embracing the long-term benefits of perseverence, critical thinking, and self-esteem.

* Culminate the program in a tournament.

* Send tournament winners to other state competitions to expand their competitive advantage and offer them opportunities to travel based on their skills.

why we're doing it


History and experience documents that exposure to chess has many positive outcomes for youth especially in the areas of academic performance and self-esteem.  These are often areas of great concern for families in Harlem.  Contributing to sustainability of this chess program will continue to build on our work and commitment to the Harlem and its youth.

Founded in 2010, St Nicholas Chess-4-Kids is a Harlem based 501c3 that is focused on having a direct and positive impact on Harlem youth through the use of Chess and educational support activities.

Chess programs furnish opportunities for children to learn and develop vital life-long skills in an environment and setting that provides enjoyment and gratification for the participants.



We will use the IOBY funds to promote travel to and from tournaments for our chess club members.

TOTAL RAISED = $545.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $27.25
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $16.35




6 Month projected Budget:

1. St. Nicholas Chess-4-Kids Instructor: $100 per weekly session x 24 weeks = $2,400.00

2. Equipment: 10 chess sets x   $25 each = $250.00

3. Travel: Travel scholarship for students to participate in state competitions = $500


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $173
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $104



We have a start date!

We can't wait to get our chess club back up and will be starting in July in tandem with summer programming at the center.  We're also blessed to have found an instructor who is willing to volunteer some time during the week to coach our chess club members on what they learn in our weekend groups.  

Thank you for helping us to finance this club that will help our youth achieve the success they are so capable of! 


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