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the project

The Bronx Food Justice League ( is organizing a garden beautification and performance art project in the Mount Eden community of the South Bronx. We will be engaging 30 - 35 high school students about the importance of healthy living,  good healthy eating practices, what it means to live in a food desert and how they can become civically engaged to make palpable changes in their community. During the beautification project, students and volunteers will:

- clean and organize a local community garden

- plant an array of veggies and fruits (while learning great planting techniques)

- introduce a four part mural that will be created over a series of food justice events prior to this one

- have a FoodTalk. Food talks will enable students to talk about their community food experiences and how they would like to facilitate change as well as, share healthy eating habit advice.

The performing art portion of the project will feature local artists and influencers (including the students of Cooking Garden Club). Performances will include: 

- songs 

- poetry

- art installations

- skits 

All performances will use food justice as subject matter. During the performance all participants will enjoy a healthy and tasty meal with recipe cards to take home. 

the steps

"Marching to the Beet" is the finale event of a series of 5 food justice and civic engagement events facilitated by The Bronx Food Justice League. Our goal is to help students explore the concept and practice of civic engagement and their role both as individual leaders and as part of a larger community through Food justice.

Through these experiences students will be participants in community mapping, issue analysis, community forums and a service day.

why we're doing it

In the summer of 2011, the Cooking Garden Club produced a Community Food Assessment on the Mt. Eden neighborhood of the Bronx which they presented to community members  and organization partners. What they found is Mt. Eden has been saturated with fast food establishments and bodegas creating a food desert in their neighborhood. With a lack of healthy food options and timid conversations around the issue, Cooking Garden Club and Public Ally members came together to form The Bronx Food Justice League. Through our facilitation of educational and interactive events we hope to amplify the food justice conversation within the Mt. Eden community and the rest of the South Bronx.


Meal ingredients: $300 - Sandwiches(Turkey, Chicken, Cheese and Vegetarian) - Vegetarian soup with noodles/rice - Salad - Soup INGREDIENTS 1. Carrots 2. Squash 3. Pumpkin 4. Dark greens 5. Spinach 6. Potatoes 7. Celery 8. Peppers 9. Corn 10. Sweet potatoes 11. Onion 12. Tomatoes 13. Garbanzos 14. Lettuce 15. Chicken 16. Turkey 17. Cheese 18. Tofu 19. Oil 20. Vinegar Dessert: · Fruit Kabobs (Ingredients will be purchase from a CTown local supermarket) (plant tools and seeds will be purchased from Home Depot) Art Supplies / equipment: $50 - paper - pen - markers - paint - paint brushes - tape - scissors (Supplies purchased from Michaels) Project Total: $300.00 3% credit card processing fee: $9.00 5% ioby physical sponsorship fee: $15.00 Total to Raise: $324.00


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