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the project

Quick view on how the garden would work:

Any local resident may sign-up for a plot the beginning of each year, this gives them a space to plant anything of their choice. The space they receive will be determined by the area provided, however I would hope to give a 4x5 foot space, at a minimum. It would be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the cost would be a requested donation of $25.00 or more. That community member/family is responsible for the space--what they grow and maintaining it (water provided only & weekly maintenance of the garden including trimming, etc). I refer to those who signed up for a space as "ML Gardeners".

ML Gardener's will be asked to share one item every two weeks with the community if available--if not available, the ML Gardener is asked to still be available to talk about their garden during bi-weekly events. Every two weeks the garden 'opens' to residents to come 'Experience the Gardens' (name for the community event TBD). Those who attend might get to experience a mix of fresh flowers, strawberries, carrots, basil, etc (something different every other week). Additionally, residents would meet & share experiences. For a small fee anyone can purchase these fresh items locally grown! All proceeds go back into the garden--again covering the cost of water and tools, etc.

There will also be a space in the garden for anyone to come and care for what is growing ("Community Gardeners")--they can trim and pinch back plants, help water the garden if needed and if space becomes open they can request to grow a new item. The 'community area' would be maintained key community members on a regular basis--also growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. We would also educate the community how they can hep care for the garden.

Community Communication: There would be a box on site for people to leave notes/requests/feedback, which we would check weekly. Not only that but there would be a website maintained as part of this project, which would also sever as a point of contact for locals, and place for the community to connect with each other about the garden, updates & events. 

Tools: Minimal tools are needed & we plan/suggest locking them on-site in a small shed, or keep them in a kep community members care--locked up for safety regardless of location. Members who come down to maintain their garden plot must bring their own tools. Otherwise we list the days keep members are on site with tools & to provide water access. 

Watering: Watering would occur based on weather and we would keep the 'watering days' updated on the web calendar. I would water the entire garden on these days, including ML Gardener plots. If they'd like to water their garden on those days that is also acceptable. We would also like to build a rain well on site--we can use rain water to help conserve water, especially if a dealing with a dry summer. (Water would need to be protected to ensure we conserve.)

the steps

Working to obtain space from the city of Mammoth Lakes to build the garden and/or receive support to locate a good place in town for the garden.

Working to raise money for basic tools to build the garden. 

Working to create local awareness of eating fresh, local produce. 

why we're doing it

It's very difficult to get fresh, local produce. We have only one major grocer in town and not enough options.

Living in such a open, natural place we feel it is important to have a community garden where all can participate in growing fresh flowers, produce, herbs, etc. 



Wheelbarrow 2   250
Spade Shovels 10   130
Large Shovels 2   200
Hand Garden Hoe 1   100
Weed wacker 1   200
Garden Knee pads 10   100
Fencing yards TBD   1200
Chicken wire Yard TBD   50
Metal Water Basin 1   120
Water Hose 3   125
Mulch bags TBD   300
Soil bags TBD   500
Water Cans 4   140
Organic pest and bug control TBD   250
Green watering system TBD   650
Benches 2   400
Chairs 4   250
Mail box for communication 1   150
Seeds  TBD   300
Plants TBD   500
Garden Gloves 10   150


ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $182



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