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Malcolm X Boulevard
(Central Harlem)
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the project

The goal of this project is to install native pollinator plants within the existing tree beds in the medians along Malcolm X Boulevard in order to celebrate the vibrancy of Harlem with the hope and healing powers of plants while providing healthy habitat for urban pollinators. This is envisioned to be a multi-phased project that will start simple and be expanded in the following years to expand the plantings for the entire length of Malcolm X Boulevard, incorporate art by local artists, initiate programming with local businesses and organizations and eventually create a lush green corridor by removing unused pavement and expanding existing tree pits.

This project aims to bring joy and pride to our community and elevate the quality of life by enhancing the natural environment for both people and pollinators.
By enlisting volunteers and groups along Malcolm X Blvd, we hope to inspire collective stewardship and community greening to spread throughout Harlem.

the steps

The first steps of this project began this spring by cleaning up tree pits in the center medians between 125th and 130th Streets. Soil was decompacted and amended with fresh compost and organic fertilizer. Initial plantings were installed but more plants are needed.

Additional native pollinator appropriate plants will be installed this fall with fertilizer and mulch added to keep the soil cool and moist and allow plants to thrive. All beds will be weeded and trash picked up on a regular basis.

We plan to expand to the street trees along the east and west sides of Malcolm X Blvd between 128-131st streets this fall with bulb plantings. Existing trees will also be cared for and pruned where necessary.

why we're doing it

Benefit to people:
Research has found that spending 20 minutes in any urban green space improves happiness, wellbeing and reduces stress. Flowers are symbols of hope, healing and rebirth. Now more than ever we need quality green spaces on all streets to provide benefits of nature, especially in communities that lack greenspace. Planting along Malcolm X Blvd. will provide greening to the street, bringing about a happier, healthier state of mind.

Benefit to pollinators and the environment:
Pollinators are declining in part due to declining habitat and increased pavement. Pollinator corridors offer healthy contiguous habitat to vulnerable native species connecting them to other habitat. Planting in unused spaces, like road medians brings back nature in a paved environment. Plants filter pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and reduce heat buildup, especially when located in pavement. Planting along Malcolm X Blvd. will clean the air, cool the street and aid stormwater management.


$600 for compost

$800 for mulch

$300 for organic fertilizer

$2200-$3000 for plants

$400 for tools and supplies


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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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