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the project

Makers Mart is a handmade shopping event. It brings together local Sacramento makers and the community, offering a fun shopping experience that showcases a diverse selection of talented artists. People come to Makers Mart to connect with each other and be inspired. Founded in 2009 by Trisha Rhomberg and Whittney Kebschull, the event follows in the footsteps of other notable maker events such as "Sellout Buyout". Sellout Buyout was an event created by Olivia Coelho in the early 2000s.  Trisha participated as a vendor in SoBo with her hand-silkscreen and reconstructed vintage clothing line, Pretty Trashy, and this is where Bows and Arrows was born.  Bows and Arrows hosted many local creative events including the final SoBo and the first Makers Mart, from 2007-2014.   Since then, Makers Mart has become known for activating underutilized spaces and bringing together the Northern California creative community to shop local and support new emerging businesses.  Today,  current team includes: Beth Pellegrini as curator, and Trisha Rhomberg and Nicole Grant Kriege as co-producers, as well as Celisse Muller as web and photo contributor.  Each event brings opportunities or local creative collaboration and we are excited to return after taking 2020-2021 off during the pandemic. 

 Please join us in keeping this free community event growing by donating to our campaign. 


the steps

1. Book the location – July 2022

2. Announce the event – Aug 2022

3. open vendor applications – Aug 2022

4. Seek artist to design + produce installation  + donors to support the event

5. Bring on a photographer, graphic designer, printer, decorator, social media help

6. Continue to update social media and website -

7. Approve new vendors + Start laying out the floorpan and placing vendors on map – July- Oct 2022 

8. Hire production / lighting / sound / DJ 

9. Book the food trucks + beverage vendors

10. Book insurance and secure permits / pay all fees – Oct 2022

11. Promote like crazy by telling Maker stories and promoting our vendors + the event 

12. Studio visits to promote and share excitement  - check it out on our instagram!

13. Flyer around the city : NOVEMBER-December  2022

14. Bring in local partners to help support the event by sharing the IOBY page 

15. December – days leading up to the event. Try to sleep with all of the excitement and energy! 

16. Make sure volunteers know their check-in times and places – December 

17. Dec 10!  – MAKERS MART DAY IS HERE. ALL HANDS on deck 7am-7pm at least! 

why we're doing it

It makes us so happy to see others' genuine gratitude and support for one another. In-person markets create the best opportunity for artists and the community members to form relationships and get to know each other. This creates a more sustained and supportive relationship that last longer. Year after year, people seek out certain familiar favorites to buy from, and discover new creatives as well. People are excited to have an opportunity to buy holiday gifts locally and sustainably.  What better time that offer alternatives to Amazon? The holiday shopping season is a great time to connect and strengthen the local arts community!  Most vendors don't have their own brick and mortar shops, and Makers Mart gives them a chance to pop up and meet the people who live around them who need and appreciate what they make. Not many opportunities exist for a great all-in-one shopping experience. Makers Mart has such a reputation for stellar curation and we're excited to keep bonding our community through this event.  


To host the annual free event we need to raise: 

$10,000 Space Fees

$6,000 Permitting + Insurance Fees

$4,000  Website and Marketing Costs

$4,000  Supplies + Decor 

$6,000  Production Staff 

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,580
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.


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  • Door 6
  • door 5
  • door 4
  • door 3
  • event day collection donations 2
  • public donations from event collection
  • Melissa H.
  • WR
  • Amatoria Fine Art Books
  • Robin M.
  • Teresa L.
  • The Dreamland Cinema
  • PUUR Chocolat
  • Katie S.
  • Ellen W.
  • Trisha R.
  • Immortal Cafe
  • WholeMaker Co.
  • Milka Coffee Roasters
  • Cecilia e.
  • Jennifer T.
  • Mia Moore
  • Briana Thomas (Rosen)
  • Sawyer California
  • Gabriel A.
  • Skin with Witt
  • Anonymous
  • NoFlightBackVintage
  • Sac city stems
  • Wool
  • The Den
  • Booth 8x 3 Ahndiya Studios
  • 8x8 vendor
  • Cru Chocolate
  • Anashea T.
  • Arizmendi Ceramics
  • Maris K.
  • Salt & the Sun
  • Victoria B.
  • Donco T.
  • Ali S.
  • PXC Designs
  • Sierra L.
  • Mostly Just Tired
  • Entelechy Designs by Vanessa Pellón
  • Mifas
  • Hadas Kol
  • Sarah Golden Art
  • Neil Fruzza Woodshop
  • Anonymous
  • Berry And Thyme
  • Stella Fluorescent
  • Magick Shoppe FBH
  • Megan M.
  • Thistle and Fig
  • Jose Di Gregorio
  • Friend of Yours
  • Ashlee L.
  • True Love vintage
  • Public Land
  • Roxanne Young
  • Erica Avila Art
  • Meg M.
  • Tula in Bloom/ Omonivie Okhade
  • Bad Seed Designs (Annie)
  • Jake Castro
  • Megan Sullivan
  • Foraged Soap Co.
  • Rare Bird Stereos
  • Mother Natives
  • Lindsay Swearingen
  • Rainie B.
  • Lit Rituals LLC
  • leyna allred
  • Bitte
  • Rebecca C.
  • Amber Collins | Cabine Monde
  • Lionel’s Place
  • Of Land And Sea Co
  • Paris M.
  • Araceli Farms Vendor Fee
  • Erin L.
  • John R.
  • Bill S.