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Thank to you all our Contributors so far!

the project

Mar Vista Chamber’s Make It Mar Vista: Small Business Saturday Event is taking place Saturday, November 28, 2015. We envision inviting people from our community and beyond to interact with local businesses, local artists and each other for a day of true community engagement along our Great Street of Venice Boulevard.

We'll work with many partner organizations to make this event a reality, including LA Bike Coalition, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Green Communications Initiative, City Councilman Mike Bonin's Office, A Kid's Place Preschool, and Grand View Elementary School.

We have many amazing events planned for activating the Great Street for Make it Mar Vista, inlcuding a Kickoff Bike Parade, a Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane with Sustainable Planter Boxes, a Mar Vista Passport game, a Paint-by-Numbers Community Mural, Wayfinding Signs to encourage walking, Sidewalk Directions and Activities, the Story Corps Mar Vista Living History Project, the Artify Mar Vista Interactive Art Projects, and Live Entertainment at the Main Event Hub.

We enthusiastically look forward to engaging the community through the Make It Mar Vista: Small Business Saturday Event!

the steps

Our team plans to activate stakeholders in Mar Vista with massive outreach efforts, tapping into our networks and making sure everyone knows how they can be a part of this event. We'll do marketing across all possible platforms to ensure a great turnout on the day. We'll meet with City Officials to plan the bike lane logistics. We'll work with the Mar Vista Community Council. We'll work with local artists who'll help design the Atrify projects. We'll all be working to plan activities that will be engaging to all age groups. And we'll work with all the local businesses in our network.

why we're doing it

Venice Blvd. is the heart of our Mar Vista community and when it was chosen as one of the Great Streets, it gave us the opportunity to transform it from the State Highway is has been into the Community Hub it can be. We want to see people walking and biking safely up and down its length, we want to see businesses thrive with new and returning customers and we want to see artists' work wherever we look. We think this event will engage our Community and inspire permanent changes we all want to see happen here in Mar Vista.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 8/21/15):

RAISED = $10,909.00
less ioby Platform Fee (covered by LA Great Streets) $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $505.05
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee of 3% (covered by LA Great Streets) $302.06
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $10,403.95

Budget Category Specific Line Items Total
Advertising & Marketing    
  EDDM postcards & postage 2100
  Social Media Ad Campaign 500
Signage & Printing    
  25 Lightpole signs along Venice Blvd 4500
  Printed Maps 900
Interactive Art Projects    
  Paint by Numbers Mural 700
  Chalk Art 503.95
  Mosaic hopscotch project 1200
TOTAL   10,403.95



Budget Category Specific Line Items Total
Advertising & Marketing    
  EDDM postcards & postage 2100
  Social Media Ad Campaign 500
Signage & Printing    
  Design & Layout 1000
  Banners - corner of Centinela & Venice, MV Park, Farmers' Market (5 X $75) 450
  25 Lightpole signs along Venice Blvd October 30-November 30  (printing + custom installation + permits) 4500
  Signs by the stage w/ schedule + sponsors 36 X 60 (2 X $75) 150
  signs at home base w/ prize rules 36 x 60 (2 X $75) 150
  Event map blown up large 75
  Wayfinding signs 300
Home Base    
  Stage + pipe & drape + astroturf 475
  PA/sound system + mikes and stands 420
  folding tables  (20 X $6.25) + chairs (40 X .85) 159
  pop-up tents (20 X $65 + back walls) 1357
  Festive décor 400
The Game Printed Maps (750) 900
  Reusable Shopping bags (500) 2000
  Printed Surveys 100
  Window Posters to promote 100
  Step & Repeat Wall 350
  red carpet + stanchions + red rope 110
  Photographer/Videographer 400
  App 10
  Prizes + map stamps, etc. 1250
  T-shirts (10 X 50 volunteers) 500
  Name Tags + Lanyards (50) 60
  Food & Bev (50 X $15) 750
  Insurance 350
  Security 360
Kid Zone at Home Base    
  Face Painting 100
  Crafts 125
  Balloon Man 125
  Carnival Games 200
  photo booth 400
  childcare 500
Interactive Art Projects    
  Paint by Numbers Mural 550
  Sidewalk chalk paint projects 500
  Mosaic hopscotch project 1800
  Discovering the ABCs 1300
  Fence Art 350
Story Corps - Mar Vista Living History Project    
  Recording booth 100
Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane    
  Materials including: colored duct tape, spray chalk, sidewalk chalk, traffic cone rental, printing temporary traffic signs 1375
  Traffic Engineer 1000
Edible & Sustainable Planter Boxes    
  materials & seedlings 1500
Bike Parade with Police Escort    
  Motorcycle Cops for front & back of the parade 300
TOTAL   29501

less LA Great Streets Grant: $10,000

less LA Great Streets Match: $9,750.50

SUBTOTAL = $9,750
ioby Platform Fee (covered by LA Great Streets) $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $488
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee of 3% (covered by LA Great Streets) $293
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,237



Thank to you all our Contributors so far!

On behalf of the entire team of volunteers working on Make It  Mar Vista, I want to express our thanks to you!

Your support means the world to us and we’re truly grateful for your contribution!

Some of you have decided to remain anonymous and some of you have not given us an email address - and we respect that!

But we still want you to know how grateful we are!

We hope to see you on the big day itself since it’ll be so much fun and since you’re part of the reason it will happen. Saturday, November 28, 2015. 

Check out our website for the latest updates as the date approaches:

Best wishes,

Sarah (and the whole team)

Mar Vista Real Estate Agents Step Up for Community

Make It Mar Vista wants to give a special shout out to our community Real Estate teams! They're really stepping up to support this event. Thanks to The Noel Team, Preferred Properties LA, and Westside Green Real Estate. The challenge is on! Any takers?

10 Days to Go!

Hello All!

We're excited to get to work on Make It Mar Vista. We are busy behind the scenes getting everything ready. For those who came out to Ciclavia, you saw us there promoting this great event which will also take place along Venice Blvd. What a great street!

If you've been thinking about supporting us, don't hesitate, jump right in!

And don't forget you can contact us offline on ways you can participate as a volunteer or business.

Let's make it happen. Let's Make It Mar Vista!


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