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the project

The Main Street Moberly, Inc. non-profit organization was recently gifted a parcel of land in the 300 Block of Reed Street in historic downtown Moberly, Missouri.  In 2015, the building located on this property was completely destroyed by a fire that was intentionally set.  Unfortunately, not only did the fire take away a beautiful, historic building from our community, it also damaged two adjoining business forcing one of the owners to close a third generation family business and the other to relocate.  This has left an emotional, and visible, scar in the heart of our community. 

Shortly after the fire, the property owners approached Main Street Moberly, Inc. and expressed their desire to donate the property to our organization.  They have been long time supporters of our revitalization efforts and wanted to see something positive return to their property.  Now that the debris has been removed and the clean-up has been completed, the Main Street Legacy Plaza project can begin! We hope to commemorate the long standing legacy of downtown businesses, citizens, and leaders with a beautiful and engaging public plaza.

Our strategy for Main Street Moberly Legacy Plaza will be to populate the space with a variety of low cost custom furniture modules. Each module consists of an industrial wood pallet as a base and gets customized using stackable plywood seating boxes, sturdy wood frame scaffolds, bench & table top elements, and colorful planter containers. With the help of local lumber companies and builders, the furniture will be constructed with donated materials and community efforts. Once the project is complete, everyone is invited downtown to design, decorate, paint, and plant your own box!

The plaza is organized into three zones. The first is an “information room” that welcomes the visitor. The simple wood frame construction creates sturdy elements to attach to, allowing various groups in the community to display printed or digital images like walking tour maps, hanging artwork, a community event board, Christmas lights, and all sorts of other decoration.

The second zone is a multipurpose space for sitting, eating, resting, reading, and playing. This space contains a variety of planters, tables, benches, and games.

Finally, the third zone is a small "stadium-like" seating area with a stage for musical performances, educational seminars, and community gathering. The seats of the stadium can be arranged in a variety of configurations like building blocks, allowing for small, medium, and large sized gatherings and can even be brought out into the street to face in toward the plaza or vice versa for large gatherings like festivals and concerts.

If the project is well received by the community, a Phase 2 expansion of the stadium has been designed and will be added, creating booths and storage spaces for pop-up shops, ticket collecting, storage of materials, as well as expanded seating for this outdoor stadium.

Please help us in the historic downtown Moberly revitalization efforts by donating to this engaging community project!

the steps

We plan to reach out to individuals, organizations, businesses, to donate materials or contribute in-kind donations to purchase the necessary building materials to create our furniture modules. We will contact lumber yards, pallet makers, carpenters, artists, graphic designers, and architects to donate their time, effort, and/or materials to complete the project.

why we're doing it

Our organization is pursuing this project to revitalize and repurpose a space that was destroyed by an intentional fire in our downtown central business district.  Our hope is to overcome this tragedy by creating a fun, informative, and beautiful public space for our community at large to enjoy.


Disbursed Budget

Raised = $1,960.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $56.07

Total to Disburse = $1,868.93

Fencing $300.00 

Bench - 1 $150.00 

Chair - 1 $25.00 

Flower Barrels - 2 $93.93 

Design Consultant $1,300.00 


Original Budget

Phase I - $10,000 (seating, landscaping, etc.)

1) Round Wrought Iron Table with Umbrella - $1,000 / Lowe's, 660 269-4210

2) Wrought Iron Fencing - $1,000 / Lowe's

3) Wrought Iron Gate - $400 / Lowe's

4) Ten Wrought Iron Chairs - $1,500 / Lowe's

5) Six Wooden Half Barrels - $600 / Lowe's

6) Three Benches - $2,205 / Lowe's

7) Two Metal Trash Cans - $400 / Lowe's

8) Memorial/Place Making Signage - $2,500 / TBD

9) Local Publicity - $1,000 / TBD

10) Insurance - $300 / PK Weis, 660 263-2100

Subtotal = $10,905

ioby Platform Fee - $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) - $327

Total to raise = $11,267


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