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the project

Help us provide this valuable cultural experience to neighbors and friends alike! As we gather our community to make their own shakere instruments (a West African instrument consisting of beads woven into a net covering a dried gourd) and learn to play from the renowned Ifaymika Akua Nyamekye Ishangi, a cultural preservationist, educator and entrepreneur. She toured with Ishangi African Dancers from 1971 to 2003, as one of its’ primary dancers and musicians, using the stage as classroom and teaching African folklore, cultural diversity, tolerance and respect. 

This event is a two day workshop on making and playing of a shekere. On day one the participants will bead and string their own small shekere instrument. The next day they will be given instruction on playing their shekere. The workshop is open to students 10 years old to adult. No previous experience necessary. All supplies neededed to make the shekere will be provided.

the steps

Book  Ifaymika Akua Nyamekye Ishangi's flight and lodging

Promote the 2 day workshop by flyering the community 

Spread the word on social media

Give out 4 scholarships 

Learn, make and play together over Mothers' Day weekend!

why we're doing it

This program is centered around connection to a cultural and musical tradition and is designed to encourage healthy growth in the youth and adults alike, by stimulating their creative abilities. I believe that there are not enough activities that bring us together and gives us an opportunity to have a shared experience that links us to our cultural heritage. The workshop and it's activities give participants an opportunity for self-exploration on a deep level. It's also going to bring people from diverse backgrounds into Fasi's Cultural Experience. There's a lot of focus on african drums but less attention to the accomppanyting instruments, which gives the music flavor not only in West Africa but throughout the world! Learn more about the history of the shekere and Ifaymika Akua Nyamekye Ishangi here!



Disbursed Budget (5/31/17)

RAISED = $100.00

less ioby Platform Fee waived

less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $4.76

less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $2.91



Business cards


Original Budget

$2,500 stipend for guest artist

$200 gourds x30 

$2,000 travel and lodging

$300 scholarships for 4

$500 food and supplies

$500 for beads and string

Subtotal = $6,000

$35 ioby Platform Fee

$180 ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)

Total to raise = $6,215


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