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Thank you to our donors!

the project

The M-Path Park Project is a grassroots initiative to bring a multi-modal park to the Downtown Dadeland community.  The core elements of this project involve community organizing, community planning, and a pop-up park event, all culminating in an eventual self-sustaining M-Path Park.  All elements within the M-Path Park vision sketches are interchangeable. These are all just concepts made to provoke thought. Most of the elements in this sketch are modifications that are not expensive, but would require time and commitment to change current land use policies.

The effort to reduce the ill effects of suburban sprawl serves as the challenge that awaits the next generation of society.  Fortunately, through new research in transportation planning and New Urbanism principles, cities are beginning to better understand the intricate roles they can play in the complex issue of urban sustainability and quality of life.  Today, Transit Oriented Design/Development is understood to have certain core principles which include wide sidewalks, increased density, increased building heights, mixed use zoning and most importantly, accommodating and efficient transit infrastructure.  The M-Path Project is essentially an experiment in transit oriented development for Greater Miami. 

In order to reach the ultimate vision of M-Path Park becoming a self-sustaining multi-modal park that serves thousands of visitors, it must first journey through a complex process of community organizing, project planning, fundraising, programming and ultimately, community buy-in and municipal support to sustain the park.  

the steps

1.    Mobilize community support for the M-Path Park Project

a.    Social media
b.    Word of mouth
c.    Renditions and sketches
d.    Proposal draft

2.    Collaborate with public, private and non-profit entities to build partnerships and gather resources (Current Status)

a.    Public entities
b.    Community/Non-profit entities
c.    Private entities
d.    Neighborhood Associations

3.    Project Development

a.    ioby crowd-resourcing platform

i.    Request support for Popup day event
ii.    Request support for long term park sustainability

b.    Community Planning

i.    Neighborhood meetings
ii.    Survey

4.    Project Implementation

a.    M-Path Park Pop-Up day

i.    Popup day marketing and development
ii.    Pop up Day Logistics Planning
iii.    Popup day event

b.    M-path Park Sustainability

i.    Community and Expert Planning process

     1.    Community Planning sessions

     2.    Surveys

     3.    Interviews

     4.    Focus groups

ii.    Sponsors

iii.    Community Steering Committee

iv.    Nonprofit partnerships

why we're doing it

Downtown Dadeland is understood as one of Greater Miami’s best examples of a thriving, self-sustaining urban core. The only critical element missing from this bourgeoning economic and cultural node is an OPEN GREEN SPACE. In order to make Downtown Dadeland a true Live, Work and Play community, it must find a venue that would allow local residents to find nearby recreational opportunities in which they can conveniently engage. Transit connectivity, compact development, mixed-use zoning, a diverse population, the Metro Rail, Bus way, M-path and US-1 make this an ideal place to promote sustainable living and effective transit systems, two elements of dire need for the future of Greater Miami. 


M-Path Park Pop-up Day Budget

$2,000... Marketing materials


$50... Trash bags

$150... Paint

$50... Paint brishes and supplies

$500... Muralist

$2,500... 500 plants @ $5 per plant

$500... gravel 

$500... Equipment and tool rentals

$1000... 10 picnic tables @ $100 each

$300.. Soccer field materials

$500... Dog park materials

$500... Permits

$500... Police/security

$3,000... (15) 10 x 10 tents (includes set up and break down crew)

$5...Crosswalk chalk

$500... DJ

$150... Yoga Instructor

$0... Food vendors

$13,005... TOTAL (Figure does not include sponsorships, in-kind donations or grants)

SUBTOTAL = $13,005
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $650
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $390



RAISED = $11,290.00
less ioby Platform Fee (paid by the Miami Foundation) $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5% of $11,000 Miami Foundation grant), paid by the Miami Foundation $522.14
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5% of $290 raised on ioby)  $12.14
less 3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3% of $290 raised on ioby) $7.43
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $11,235.43

Updated Budget, 4/1/2014

Marketing $2,000
Maitnence $300
Trash bags $50
Landscaping $5,000
Gravel $750
Equipment rental $500
food $500
Signage $2,000
Pest control $135
Total $11,235



Thank you to our donors!


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