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The objective of LovingKindness Week 2022 is to cultivate a Community SelfCare Culture both locally and globally, as we navigate our way through the traumatic experiences of the pandemic, racial and political discord, the impact of war, gun violence, and other personal, mental, emotional, and physical trauma. Our intention is to create connections with all people, both locally and globally. We will engage in a week of embodied community building activities, grounded in LovingKindness practices, to collectively heal our hearts, minds, and bodies.  

Over the past eight years a growing number of people; nationally, and internationally have participated in this unique event that promotes personal, and community connections, including various SelfCare modalities such as; Daily Meditation, InterPlay, Drum Circles, Dance Circles, Reike, Deep Listening Circles, Tapping, Yoga, Urban Gardening, Mindful Movement, Sacred Healing Dance and many more activities. We are inviting individuals, community groups (community centers, recreation centers, libraries, community/urban gardens, the arts and other communities) to join us in creating the space to collectively heal our bodies, minds, and hearts  through the practice of LovingKindness. Practitioners are invited to share their activities/offerings on our calendar prior to the first week of June, (1st-7th) our schedule is listed from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. (Consideration will be applied for different time zones)

LovingKindness Week: During the first week of June; we gather from all walks of life; virtually and in person, to celebrate our special gifts/talents/Skills or SelfCare practices as we continue to cultivate connections with our families and communities. The LovingKindness Week movement Mission is to stimulate and cultivate an embodied holistic SelfCare Culture that inspires, and nurtures individuals, and communities, to blossom through shared Wisdom, Care, Art, Empathy, and Play. This week is a time to pause and focus on SelfCare, SelfLove, and building connections with our family, neighbors, and communities.Studies have shown that the daily practice of LovingKindness improves our mental and physical health; relieves stress, increases heart health, slows down aging, and strengthens relationships with ourselves and others.  

LovingKindness Week 2022 @ AHI Building a SelfCare Culture right where you live… Mending our Hearts and Bodies and Minds Collectively.

the steps

Next Steps

Throughout the onth of May 2022 AHI will be engaged in the following:

  1. Send out Sponsorship Letters
  2. F/U with Sponsors
  3. Continue to invite practioners, artists, agencies etc.
  4. Continue to complete Schedule of Events
  5. Post Sponsors on Social Media
  6. Post Schedule of Events on Social Media
  7. Purchase TShirts, Water Bottles, Banners, Yoga Mats and Bumper Stickers
  8. Purchase Tent/Tables and chairs for Outdoor Events
  9. Begin AHI Membership Drive with/Incentives 
  10. Secure extra venue space
  11. Interview and hire staff/ Recruit Volunteers for Garden Work
  12. Prepare Green Space for Outdoor Events
  13. Prepare Learning Gardens (clean debris, till soil, plant)
  14. Donate Seeed and Seedlings to participating Community Urban Gardens

why we're doing it

"Use what's around you to make your world more beautiful"  African  Proverb

"Team Work Makes the Dream Work"

LovingKindness Week is an exciting time for AfricaHouse International because it provides a wonderful opprotunity to fulfill our mission, cultivate community connections, build relationships, support neighborhood beautification, promote holistic self care experiences for everyone regardless of age, race, gender, physical or mental challenges. Its also a phenominal opportunity for practioners, artists, community agencies and the like, to share and show case their talents. skills, products. programs and activities; all through a culture of LovingKindness, which is so needed during this time of COVID, racial divide, political polarization, gun violence and war that all of us all over the globe are experiencing.  We hope to cultivate this culture of LovingKindness to mend and heal the hearts, bodies  and minds of all the lives we touch not just for LovingKindness Week, but for all time.




ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

LovingKindness Week 2022 Budget

  1.     500 T-Shirts +screen print                           $ 3500.00
  2.     1000 Bumper Stickers +screen printing      $  400.00
  3.     4 - 8'x2' large banners + screen-printing     $  300.00
  4.    LKW 2022 LOGO                                        $  500.00
  5.    Food Items                                                   $  700.00 (2 veggie trays. 2 Fruit Trays, Beverages, Plastic cutlery, etc.) 

  Grand Total:                                                           $ 5400.00                                                       


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