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(Broadway/Garfield )
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the project

This project is the beginning of a dream  I am hoping to start a memory garden that will in an artistic way provide edible plants for the community. It will be a combination of art and function. We will grow vegetables fruit and flowers, ant the centerpiece will be an angel garden that will be decorated with rocks or tiles decorated in memory of lost loved ones.

the steps

The first step will be purchase of all needed supplies, second will be assembling of team for construction of garden beds. Next will be assembling team to fill beds and plant seedlings. During this process a team will be formed to have scheduled upkeep of garden. Next step will be rainwater collection. After that will be harvest and memorial party.

why we're doing it

It's a well known fact that many places in Cleveland are known as eyesores. It is also known that food security is an issue. With this project with the help of the community I am hoping to change both issues. We will teach gardening as well as beautify a part of the city. It is very simple to complain about a problem, but not as easy to be a part of the solution. We have to be the change that we want to see together.


$400 for wood for raised garden beds

$350 for compost

$500 for tools

$350 for seedlings

$300 soil enhancements

$400 art supplies and stones for memory angel garden

$400 to pay for professional ground turning 400 for memory bench

Total: $2,700.00




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ioby Donation Processing Fee 4%    $55.10
TOTAL TO RAISE    $2,755.10
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