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the project

Pittsburgh PA: We in Brighton Heights believe in building connections among our residents and neighboring communities for a stronger unified community.

Brighton Heights will hold it's 2nd annual 'Love Your Neighbor' rally and block party this fall 2017.
The 'Love Your Neighbor' rally was created to celebrate our community and in 2016 was held in Legion Park a central oasis here In Brighton Heights.
But if the event gets too big this year it might have to be moved to a BIGGER nearbye park.

It will again highlight a number of informational booths set up and bring together local churches, our local police, firemen, various youth organizations, other organizations and businesses. 

Each booth will featured a fun family-oriented game and/or activity (such as face-painting or a craft) as well as information about the services this groups offer.

This year, as we grow, we hope to have local vendors selling their wares. 

In addition there will be a giant inflatable rock slide or bouncy house, giant puppets, company mascots, balloons, games with prizes, a Pgh. fire truck on display and many more fun things. We also have several musical performances which, last year, was a big attraction.

This event will once again bring together churches,  to provide information on how we can work together to promote Brighton Heights as a safe and inviting place to visit, live and shop. 

the steps

Ø  Go to city office of permits and secure Legion Park for this event

Ø  Contact and secure children’s various activities, such as, face painting, clowns, etc

Ø  Purchase bottled water and set up recycle stations.

Ø  Print advertising materials.

Ø  Collect and/or purchase prizes.

Ø  Contact all the organizations and businesses we used last year and then expand the database.

Ø  Recruit and secure  volunteers to …

Recruit and secure  volunteers to …

  • Hang flyers
  • Utilize social media 
  • Procure Donations
  • Set up tents
  • Help set up and/ or man sound sytems for musical groups
  • Carry tables
  • Carry chairs
  • Man the booths
  • Clean up crew

why we're doing it

Over years the community has been going outside their neighborhod for fun things to do. We believe in building connections among residents for a stronger community, then go beyond our borders and invite our neighboring communities such as Bellevue,Avalon, West View, Ben Avon, Fine View, Perry North, Woods Run Manchester and even 'all the way' across the bridge to McKees Rocks!


Disbursed budget:

RAISED = $90.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) Covered by Sprout $2.62


Original Budget:

$1,000 for food and materials

$1,000 for children's activities

SUBTOTAL = 2,000
ioby Platform Fee (Convered by Sprout) $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) (Covered by Sprout) $60



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