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the project

Our priority goal is to bring the committee closer to an open space by increasing free events in the garden reaching a diverse audience by partnering with local residents and other garden groups. Our long term goal is to have a local tropical greenhouse in the Melrose area where the community can stop by anytime of the year to see our greenhouse. 

Our local tropical greenhouse will be free for everyone to stop by and visit it any time of the year . 

the steps

Our garden team will be four groups to make this happen once we get funded. 

Team 1 - will buy a greenhouse and build a greenhouse and add shelves for space for more types of gardening ideas - this will take place the 1st week of May

Team 2 - will buy hanging flower pots, large flower pots and tropical plants and other supplies to build our tropical greenhouse - this will take place the 3rd week of May

Team  3 - will design the inside of the greenhouse with all the supplies and plants - this will take place the 1st week of June 

Team 4 - this will be all of the garden members, we will host garden tour and talk about the types of tropical plants we have and why they will benefit the garden and the committee from our open day June 12- the end of the year and years to come. 

why we're doing it

With this project we will be increasing our group visibility to reach a diverse audience by strengthening our youth in the garden by building a new skills and on hand training to our youth and other community residents. They will learn new ways to garden in the community garden. Our youth gardeners will learn about growing food and herbs in the garden as well as how to compost.

Once we get funding they will learn about other types of plants that they only see at the New York botanical garden in which they have to pay just to visit and have no hand in like how much water and sun each tropical plant needs.



Tropical plants - $575.00

Soil - $525.00

Large flower pots - $350.00

Greenhouse - $800.00

Mulch - $500.00

Mist system - $350.00 

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $165
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $99


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