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the project

Inspired by Beatriz De Costa's Anti-Cancer Tool Kit at Parsons, as part of the Art Environment Action art exhibit, Anandi Premlall was inspired to explore the idea of co-creating an anti-cancer garden in her community of Richmond Hill, Queens. 

The kinds of Power Plants we want in our community!

We're growing cancer wellness plants as a way to create wellness and a healing space for loved ones who have cancer and have lost the battle with cancer.

the steps

Even though Queens is the largest in area of the five boroughs of New York City, we are lacking in community gardens. There are only 6 in the BQLT, 4 with NYRP, 3 with GrowNYC, and only 5% of GreenThumb NYC community gardens are in Queens.

The space we want to create this garden on is city-owned land which has been vacant for over 25 years.

We are working with Green Thumb and NYC Dept. of Parks, including some some help from 596 Acres and Brooklyn Queens Land Trust to transform this 2,075 square foot empty lot into a healing garden for our community. 

​Here is our progress thus far:

​Once we secure this land, we will need funding to build the garden, import healthy soil, build raised beds and vertical planters, provide shelter, tables and seating, create educational labels and kiosks, an area for storing tools, purchase of plants and workshops that will be held at the garden, miscellanious garden expenses, skilled labor, educators, etc. We will be getting our hands dirty, building together, growing together and healing together.

​In this cancer wellness garden we will grow 50 different herbs, flowers and plants, as well as cultivate inspiring conversations about cancer wellness.

If you are resident of Richmond Hill, a business owner, or part of an organization in the neighborhood, please write us a letter of support and send via .pdf to SustyQ​​.

Thank you! We appreciate your support :)


why we're doing it

We are inspired to create a new green space to offer physical, spiritual, and emotional healing for the community. A place where you can find solace and meditate or learn about cancer wellness.

We’re planning to have 50 different plants including flowers, veggies, herbs and trees that have cancer-fighting properties. We also want to publish a book about these plants and share stories of cancer survivors.


100 MillionTreesNYC Native Street Trees

20 Sidewalk Benches $10,000 

100 Tree Guards $2,500

Compost for Tree Beds $1,000 

Soil for Tree Beds $1,000 

Daffodil Bulbs from NY4P ($0)

Gardening Tools $1,000

Gardening Gloves $500 

100 each of SustyQ T-Shirts, Caps and Tote Bags for Volunteers and Giveaways $1,000 

2lbs of Marigold Seeds $50 

Food, water, beverages, snacks for volunteers $1,000

Local marketing Information (posters, flyers, post cards, etc.) $700

Total project cost = $18750

Third party credit card processing (3%) = $562.50
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $19,347.50


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