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Logan St at Oak St & 4th at Kentucky St
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Thank you to our donors!

the project

This project is the result of a partnership between Shelby Park Neighborhood Association, SoBro Louisville Neighborhood Group, Bicycling for Louisville, Metro's Office of Sustainability, and Luckett & Farley Architects to reimagine and reshape two TARC bus stops in the Shelby Park and SoBro Neighborhoods. This project will transform these bus stops, currently outfitted with a sign and pole, into urban lounges and neighborhood gateways. Our goals are to enhance the bus riding experience, improve neighborhood connectivity, and generate new activity centers that draw positive attention to these up-and-coming neighborhoods. We aim to accomplish these goals by building benches for people to sit down, providing maps that highlight neighborhood assets and Louisville's urban bicycle network, and adding design features that reflect the unique identity of Shelby Park and SoBro.

Our team of planners, designers, and neighborhood leaders understand the value of a walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly city. We believe small enhancements to our public spaces encourage streetlife, generate vitality in our urban neighborhoods, and promote walking, biking, and transit use. In addition, we want this project to set the stage for future bus stop improvements across the city. To reflect this commitment, our design will use locally salvaged materials whenever possible to reduce cost, promote replicability, and minimize environmental impact. 










the steps

October 30 - Finalize encroachment permits and begin material fabrication.
November 15 - Build Day 1
November 22 - Build Day 2
Early December - Ribbon cutting, celebration bike ride, and party

why we're doing it

We love these neighborhoods! Currently, these stops are exposed to the elements and are marked by nothing more than a pole and sign. We aim to enhance the transit riding experience and bring new life to street corners in two Louisville neighborhoods that are in need of investment and energy.

Did you know? In 1906, residents of the Shelby Park Neighborhood each chipped in $2 to purchase land for a neighborhood library. Today, the original library still stands on the site and serves as the Shelby Park Community Center. We won't be able to purchase any land with $2 donations today, but we could get a pretty cool bus stop!


what is the "SoBro Louisville Neighborhood Group"? thanks
Hi Jon, The SoBro Louisville Neighborhood Group is the unofficial neighborhood association for SoBro - an area defined generally by Broadway, Kentucky St, I-65, and 9th Street. The group is currently working to become an officially recognized association. Thanks! Andrea
cool, had never heard of it. where/when do you meet? email list? twitter? etc
What time will the community build day be on November 22?


2 Benches & Shelters - $5,000

2 Signs, Displays, and Maps - $1,000

2 Artistic Elements - $1,500

Installation Costs and Misc. - $500

Design and fabrication - volunteered!

SUBTOTAL = $8,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3% of donations) $120



Thank you to our donors!

Updated Renderings!

Shelby Park:


Thank you to our donors!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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