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the project

Our streets are the backbone of our neighborhoods – the places where we live, work, learn, and recreate on a daily basis.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative challenges Angelenos to re-imagine our streets as vibrant public spaces!

In each cycle of the Challenge Grant, selected applicant teams are funded to propose and/or demonstrate creative and innovative ways of using our Great Streets. Teams are made up of community organizations, schools, business and/or property owners, business improvement districts, and other community stakeholders.

We award $10,000 to selected recipients. Then, each recipient can raise additional funds to be matched, dollar-for-dollar, by the City up to a total of $20,000. Grant recipients in Round 1 raised a total of $95,592, which the City matched. 

Projects selected in Round 1 were evaluated based on their plans for community engagement, creativity/innovation, evaluation/data collection and the long-term impacts of projects. After each challenge grant project, the project team works with the City to identify and pursue resources that will permanently construct successful elements of each project.

the steps

Currently, the first round of challenge grant projects are under way. You can learn more about them here. Many of these projects will implement their temporary street changes between February and March. 

In April, recipients will submit a final report that provides recommendations to the city on how to make permanent improvements to the street. 

In late summer 2016, we'll announce a second round of Challenge Grant funds, available to all communities across Los Angeles to re-imagine their street as a public space. 

The money we hope to raise will go towards supporting Challenge Grant winners outside of the city funds used as grant dollars, including technical assistance, marketing, and project support. 

why we're doing it

Los Angeles is filled with vibrant, diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods, from Little Tokyo to Leimert Park. But many of our strong neighborhoods have few public places to gather with friends and build community. In fact, Los Angeles is one of the most park poor citiies in America. 

We believe, with over 7,500 square miles of roads across the city, our streets pose an incredible opportunity for community building, economic activity, art and cultural experiences, and safe opportunities to enjoy public life. 

The people who live near each main street should also be the ones to re-envision them as a vibrant public spaces. We don't believe in government dictating the terms of community building, which is why we've creating a grant program that funds community groups to lead in that community building process. 



All funds raised will help fund community groups' ideas for reimagining their local streets as vibrant public spaces.


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