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the project

The Superhero Project creates joy one character at a time!  We interview youth with serious illnesses, special needs and disabilities to discover who their superhero alter-egos are - what they stand for, who they fight for, what kinds of powers they have, what they look like and how they'll make the world a better place.  Each child is then paired with a professional artist who creates the characters they describe, creating a visual representation of the strength, resilience and courage they have as they walk through the world.

The Superhero Project has interviewed nearly 250 children and teens, including kids from different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and we are proud of the pantheon of new superheroes we've created - a group of characters that reflects the wonderful diversity of our community.  Since there is a critical need for children of color to see themselves represented in art and culture, we are creating a free traveling exhibit that will be displayed in libraries, community centers and schools across Cleveland. 

The exhibit will include posters of the new supeheroes, the initials and ages of the youth who created them, the artists' names, and a short character story for each one.  In addition, activity sheets will be available to inspire creativity in those who visit - a series of guided questions will allow viewers to imagine their own superhero and decide what powers they need to improve the world around them.  Information will be available for families with children eligible to have superheroes created for them and for artists who would like to volunteer. 

the steps

December 2016 - Present:  Conduct interviews with amazing kids!

June-July 2019:  Select 40 superhero characters that for the exhibit and receive permission from the artists.

August 2019: Design the exhibit, activity guides and marketing materials.

September 2019:  Confirm exhibit sites in community; have the exhibit printed and prepared for display.

October 2019-December 2020:  Display the exhibit at no charge in as many venues across Cleveland as possible!

why we're doing it

Brooklyn-based artist Mickalene Thomas explained, "For so images I would see at museums, I would think, 'Why don't I see myself?  We are part of this larger picture and culture. Why aren't we here in these spaces?' That's why it's very important to make the work that I do, because I see what happens when young girls [of color] go to the museums and they see my work on the walls.  They see themselves... You never know whose life you may transform by just an image of recognition and representation."  

We are inspired by Mickalene Thomas' words and recognize the importance of representational justice, of black and brown youth seeing dynamic and positive images of characters who look like them celebrated in public spaces.  The Look at Me! exhibit is a small part of a larger conversation and a creative response to the systemic racism, institutional barriers and injustices facing minority youth in our community. 

Every child deserves to find joy in creative thinking and imaginative play, and to feel pride and recognition in the artwork they encounter.  We are inspired by the brilliant and beautiful youth who created these superheroes, grateful to the extraordinary artists who designed them, and excited for the opportunity to share these powerful images with a wide audience.



Honoraria for Artists $1,300.00
Exhibit Printing $1,683.51
Graphic Design $666.09

TOTAL RAISED = $4,005.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $200.25
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120.15

Honoraria for our Artists - $2000

Printing - $2000

Graphic Design - $850

Exhibit Supplies - $150

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    $274
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $164
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $5,473


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