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the project

Local Spokes is a coalition of 9 diverse non-profits based in NYC's Lower East Side and Chinatown. We seek to engage, understand and advocate for the community's various perspectives on cycling through multilingual outreach, public participation activities and a Youth Ambassadors program.

Local Spokes Youth Ambassador Program is a 7-week summer program that empowers local teenagers to become leaders in their neighborhood around community development and sustainable transportation through riding bikes.

The Youth Ambassadors meet twice a week and learn about how their neighborhood is shaped, to become advocates for sustainable transportation, and future community leaders. Each week they learn about topics like public art, land use, bike repair & maintenance, and environmental education. They meet with representatives from city government, to learn about how bike lanes are planned and built. This is coupled with weekly group rides using the bike lane network in the neighborhood. The rides help accustom the youth to urban riding and learning the rules of the road while promoting physical activity.

The program last year culminated in a public signage campaign, based upon artwork the Youth Ambassadors created, that encourage people to ride bikes. The art installation is a series of signs that encourage people to ride bikes and convey themes that the Youth Ambassadors were learning about in their program. These signs are located along bike paths and greenways in the Lower East Side and Chinatown.Ultimately the project has given the Youth Ambassadors’ the ability to have an impact on their own neighborhood.  

We want to continue our Youth Ambassadors program this summer and need your help! Here's a glimpse of last year's Youth Ambassadors:

the steps

1. Plan Youth Ambassadors program.

2. Finish fundraising for Youth Ambassadors program. 

3. Hire Coordinator for the Program.

4. Finish reviewing applications for Youth Ambassadors.

5. Deliver and tune up bicycles to storage/classroom location.

6. Start riding and learning with teens from the Lower East Side and Chinatown!

why we're doing it

With information collected over the past two years, Local Spokes has published a Neighborhood Action Plan. Download the 28 page complete plan (English, 6 MB) or the summary (Chinese, Spanish and English) and explore the award-winning outcomes of visioning sessions, surveys and planning.

Coalition members include nine organizations: 
Asian Americans for Equality 
Good Old Lower East Side 
Green Map System
Hester Street Collaborative
Times Up!
Transportation Alternatives
Two Bridges Neighborhood Council
Velo City



Coordinator/Educator $3,000

Mechanic/Educator   $2,250

Planning  $1,200

Truck and Driver $500

Helmets/Locks $700

Lunch $1,020

Contingency*  $1,500

Bikes $3,600

Curriculum $1,500

Tools $500

End of program event $300

Total = $16,070

ioby fundraising goal = $2,000  We are trying to supplement grants and funds generously received by Local Spokes to make the Youth Ambassadors program happen this year!

*A contingency is needed for emergencies and items that may be needed including first aid, taxi (in case riders cannot finish the full ride), on the road bike repair, emergency staff (in case of injury).

SUBTOTAL = $2,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $60



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