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the project

We believe in the inspiration and healing power of storytelling among those touched by illness to build hope together. 

This project aims to help people regain an authentic grasp of their experience of illness.  Language anchors us into our reality. As patients often mimic the diction of the physician, biomedical facts and statistics are adopted as tools for talking about illness  Generally, existential aspects of that human experience are then left without response.  With the help of co-facilitators with a variety of specializations, I am committed to providing a creative expression to address those transcendent aspects. 

As a philosophically trained cancer survivor, I am dedicated to developing a workshop which supports people express their experience of illness. This is about bringing forth the meaning of the illness experience. This work will support people in owning their story, the narrative they use to share their experience with the people in their community and to make sense of their situation.  Right now we're envisioning 2 workshops per month through the Winter. 

We're raising investment in the materials and food for these workshops.  

We're also recruiting feedback on what our community would like to see in these support workshops.
You can email us by clicking the volunteer button on the right -------->>>>> 


the steps

We are tentatively set for the inaugural Living Well with Illness workshop 1:00 PM on February 24th at the Crazy Wisdom Book Store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, please register at:

why we're doing it

The benefit for community health is that these expressions help bring order and clarity to a chaotic experience. Creating cancer stories also has value deep into survivorship as it affords a distinction between the suffering self then and the communitive self now.  Further, the supported expression of what the sick person is experiencing may help deter the number of misdiagnoses. The clarification of the illness experience can help cooperative healing relationship between doctor and patient. Narration helps a person understand the meaning of the events throughout the cancer experience. The emotional gain is that in this, each person will know that there are others out there going through the same obstacles and that they are not alone. 



Notebooks and materials, food and drinks, for monthly workshops through the fall and winter: $500


Project Subtotal =  $500
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ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $25
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $15
Total to Raise on ioby = $540

Disbursed budget:


Website maintenence fees $48
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Notebooks $12

RAISED = $70.00
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