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AIGA Pittsburgh joins with volunteer support

the project

The Bellevue Mural Arts Program was initiated in 2019 by artists RJ Thompson, Kent Kerr, and Jennie Denton. What was originally supposed to be a single mural became a bigger creative placemaking program named "The Bellevue Mural Arts Program." After the installation of the original Bellevue mural (seen below—to read more about this initial project, view the Bellevue Mural Arts Program on IOBY.), creative placemaking took a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety concerns related to the transmission of the virus. Our new mural project is now a part of a new initiative, moving beyond the Bellevue Mural Arts Program. 

Jennie Denton's original "Greetings from Bellevue" mural design

Now that the various stakeholders of the Bellevue community, including but not limited to the artistic, business, and residential stakeholders, are in alignment, it is time to initiate the second mural project, "Live Work Play Learn Thrive in Bellevue." (seen below). 

This mural is dedicated to the Bellevue business community and the customers that power our amazing "main street." Its purpose is to communicate to our invested stakeholders and prospective investors - be they home buyers, entrepreneurs, or customers - that our businesses are creating meaningful and memorable progress for Bellevue today and well into the future.

The primary mural artists are RJ Thompson, Jennie Denton, and Kent Kerr, and secondary artists will be volunteers from Bellevue, Avalon, and other North Boroughs communities. Bellevue Elementary School will be a centralized location for nearly all mural production activity. 

Mock-up of concept

"Live Work Play Learn Thrive in Bellevue"

Artist notes: In the final version of this design, each of the residential houses will be rendered in different architectural styles and colors, expanding on the original aesthetic developed by Jennie Denton in her mural design. The "main street" buildings will also change better to mimic some of our notable businesses on Lincoln Avenue. 

Mock-up for conceptual demonstration purposes, placement, and scale 

Live Work Play Learn Thrive in Bellevue mural by RJ Thompson and Kent Kerr

Artist notes: The Pittsburgh Pinball Dojo kindly donated the placement of this mural on the corner of Balph Avenue and Lincoln Avenue. It is an absolutely fantastic spot for all who walk, ride, or drive on Lincoln Avenue to see it. 


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the steps

Artists RJ Thompson, Jennie Denton, and Kent Kerr will lead this project. RJ is leading the conceptual development, community engagement, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising efforts. Jennie and Kent will take point on mural designs, artistic direction, teaching, and surface preparation, and other operational activities.

We have a moderate stockpile of paints, primers, glues, and other materials from the last mural. However, additional supplies are sorely needed. Once we have completed this fundraiser, we can purchase these supplies, such as tarps, brushes, scaffolding and cherry pickers, appropriate permits, and more.

We are recruiting volunteers such as local artists, student artists (under guidance), residents, and other stakeholders. Since this timeline is somewhat unpredictable because of the weather, we cannot guarantee a specific launch date, though we are hoping to launch by November 6, the fourth anniversary of the original mural installation. 

High-resolution prints, pins, and t-shirts will be available for purchase, with proceeds benefitting this mural's installation as well as the production of all subsequent murals.

why we're doing it

This mural is being created to celebrate Bellevue's community and economic development revitalization by drawing in new people into the community to experience new restaurants, retail, and more. This mural's intention is to communicate to all who pass it that you can live, work, play, learn, and THRIVE in Bellevue. We want to foster more and continued investment by encouraging people to buy homes, start businesses, and invest in our community by becoming a part of its growth.

As the second of many planned murals, the hope is that this one will instigate the continued implementation of more murals that carry this particular design aesthetic or feature more citizen artwork on vacant spaces in the community.

This mural, like the first one, reinforces what so many people already believe about Bellevue—that it's a place for everyone. A place of all colors and walks of life. A place for creating new lives, friendships, families, and lasting memories of the place they are proud to call home.


  • Assorted Paints: $500
  • PolyTab Substrate: $500
  • Painting Supplies: $1,000
  • Scaffolding & Equipment Rental: $1,500

We have a moderate amount of supplies left from the previous mural which includes but is not limited to assorted paints, brushes, tapes, tarps, and more. The artwork for this mural was generously donated by the artist. 


AIGA Pittsburgh joins with volunteer support

The American Institute of Graphic Arts—Pittsburgh chapter has joined the mural project by providing volunteers to help paint the mural.

Thank you, AIGA Pittsburgh! 

Learn more about AIGA Pittsburgh by visiting


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  • Jeff Stuncard
  • 202 Hometown Tacos
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  • JP Gallery for Performing Arts
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