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the project

Purpose: Little Women Speak! is a hybrid of online and in-person engagement offering a public speaking platform designed to grow little women ages 8-13 into leaders, activists and change agents of tomorrow.

Mission and Vision: We seek to activate the voices of little women through virtual coaching, instilling confidence and teaching the art of public speaking.

The Building Blocks Campaign: We are in the infant stage of building a premier multi-site organization for young girls. There are key elements aka, “the building blocks” essential to firmly establishing an organization and transitioning to an official multi-site, non-profit entity. The funds and support received will assist in the startup operational costs for 2022.

UPDATE: We are extending "The Building Blocks" campaign to continue the work of laying a sturdy foundation, brick-by-brick through end of year 2022.

the steps

Quarter 1

  • Apply for non-profit status in state of California
  • Secure the web designer (layout/logo/branding) 
  • Host virtual onboarding for LWS leadership team/advisory council (Feb 2022)
  • Purchase the audio and visual equipment for hosting online events and social media launch
  • Host 2nd annual online virtual conference to be held (March 2022)

UPDATE: Quarter 2- Quarter 4 

  • May-Sept: Facilitate a 5-part "building confidence" monthly virtual series (May-Sept)
  • Sept-Nov: Execute in person, 8-week public speaking training intensive for the first cohort of 12 little women + community showcase/gala

why we're doing it

Did you know:

  • The confidence of young girls between the ages of 8-13 drops by 30%
  •  7 out of 10 report having low self-esteem and low confidence 
  • Public speaking is among one of the top fears

We are proactive in countering low self-esteem and fear of public speaking by beginning early with a population of young girls ages 8-13! Little Women: Celebrating Unique began as a virtual educational series for young girls during women’s history month each Saturday in March of 2021. It is now the catalyst for Little Women Speak!, an organization with a hybrid design of online and in-person engagement.

Join the mission! Activate the movement!


Updated Budget

We've decided to focus our fundraising efforts for this campaign solely on the execution of quality programming for the following events:

  • 5-part “building confidence” virtual series (May 2022-Sept 2022)
  • In-person launch events (August 2022 & September 2022)
  • 8-week in-person public speaking intensive + showcase/gala for the first cohort of 12 little women. (Sept 2022-Nov 2022)

Since ioby can serve as our Fiscal Sponsor, applying for our 501(c)3 status is no longer urgent; however, any additional funds we raise will go towards applying for non-profit status, very soon. All donations given on this site are tax-deductible through ioby, our fiscal sponsor. 

Original Budget:

QUARTER 1 (Jan-March) Expenses

  • $1000: cost associated with 2nd annual online virtual Little Women Speak (LWS) conference

    • This includes costs to hire ASL communicator and potential speakers; costs to create official LWS merchandise and giveaway items; postage for mailing/shipping physical items

  • $2000: expenses for non profit application and document preparation through Chisholm Law Firm

  • $1400: web designer (website design/layout, and branding)

  • $200: to create social media ad campaign content and host online events

  • $200: annual fee for Kajabi platform, which we use to create digital content for training LWS participants

  • $200: professional development for LWS team members and advisory council 

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $272
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $163

Donation processing fees apply to donations only. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised.


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