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the project


Little Havana MOVES, a project set forth by Los Allies Unidos for Little Havana, layers several activities to create a comprehensive solution to a sedentary lifestyle. Using “kits,” users will document their journeys in one of three ways: through a disposable/digital camera kit or a paper map kit. In making use of various media on pre-selected routes, a diverse group of movers will be able to actively explore their neighborhood and share their stories. Following the walk-about, Little Havana MOVES will host a forum for visual and oral storytelling. Los Allies Unidos, the AmeriCorps Public Allies in Little Havana, are excited to partner with ConnectFamilias and other community-based organizations to co-create this unique and lasting project in the community.

the steps

In preparation for the kick-off event, we will need to create the “infrastructure” for the move-abouts. To begin with, we will prepare routes and pathways that showcase the historic architecture, local businesses, restaurants, parks, and libraries. With the help of Corinna Moebius, Dr. Paul George, and Emerge Miami, we hope to co-create routes that highlight these significant locations within Little Havana. We will also develop the necessary tools to map the routes for the movers. These kits will equip movers with a kind of language to share their journeys and a platform for meaningful conversations about their neighborhood. Once these routes and kits have been developed, we will recruit and train volunteers who will help us carry out our mission of empowering residents to reclaim and re-imagine their neighborhoods through active exploration and community-led storytelling.

why we're doing it

Through community walks and community mapping, Little Havana MOVES will combat the pervasive car culture that stigmatizes walking and biking in Miami. The initiative will enable residents to actively resist reliance on cars while simultaneously creating a social movement for physical movement. It will promote biking, walking, skateboarding, and all forms of movement as forms of neighborhood exploration and discovery in the culturally rich neighborhood of Little Havana.



Item Description Vendor Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
Disposable cameras Camera kit Amazon 30 $5.00 $150.00
Clipboards For all kits Office Depot 50 $2.50 $125.00
Pens For all kits Office Depot 108 $0.17 $18.36
Boxes of chalk For mapping Office Depot 3 $0.79 $2.37
Flyers Publicity Vista Print 250 $0.12 $30.00
Trash Bags To reduce waste/littering Office Depot 100 $0.20 $20.00
Tape For forum display Office Depot 6 $3.08 $18.48
Sharpies For signage Office Depot 10 $0.96 $9.60
Shirts For movers & volunteers Vista Print 50 $6.00 $300.00
        total = $673.81


ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $20

  RAISED = $124
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