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the project

I am the library media specialist at a diverse humanities elementary school in Durham, NC. We recently received a small grant from Katie’s Krops to build gardens where we will grow vegetables to give to people in need in our community. To support this endeavor, I need to provide current books in our library collection that will help the students learn about gardening, sustainable living, vegetables, and how to cook the food they grow. I plan to create a special area in the library to highlight the gardening collection and give students and teachers the resources they need to make the gardening project successful. I also plan to collaborate with the gardening committee (comprised of parent volunteers) to reach out to classrooms and offer support in the way of book clubs, reading buddies, and cooking classes to use the books purchased from this grant in multiple ways.  As a result of purchasing a gardening collection of books, I hope that students will become informed and knowledgeable about the gardens they will grow. With increasing demands on classroom teachers to cover an extensive amount of curriculum standards, I need to provide ways to integrate literacy into all projects. I believe providing books to support the gardening project will help teachers integrate literacy and give students the academic focus they need in combination with the hands-on experiences of tending the garden.    

the steps

June 2012—Received grant from Katie’s Krops to build vegetable gardens at our school.

August 2012—Purchased materials to build beds.

September 2012—Garden Club committee will construct beds. Students in grades K-4 will plant seeds and maintain beds. They will research how to maintain the gardens as well as why growing and eating vegetables are important for their health. As crops begin to grow, students will harvest food to give to the local homeless shelter. Students will also keep a percentage of the vegetables to eat themselves.

Planting will occur in both the fall and the spring. The school will partner with local community members to maintain beds over summer vacation when students are not in school.

**Library books are needed as soon as possible to facilitate learning related to the garden project.

why we're doing it

We are a Title I status school in NC, meaning that a high percentage of our student population come from homes of poverty.  Unfortunately the most affordable food for these needy families is not fresh, healthy produce. They live in an urban area without a way to grow or sustain their own food and often times don’t have the experience necessary to do so.  In conjunction with the experiential learning through gardening, students will also need resources to support their academic learning. Children are naturally curious and will develop questions as they learn and work in the gardens. We need to have enough books on a variety of levels for students to read. The purchase of gardening books for the library collection will support this learning for all students in the school. The books will be available for students, teachers, and families to check out in conjunction with this project.


What a great project! I love that it encourages kids to read and learn about their school garden!


Disbursed budget 1/25/2022:

Purchase gardening books for the library: $264.30

TOTAL RAISED = $285.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $14.25
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $6.45

Original budget:

I will be ordering these books from Follett Library Resources. The individual books and their cost are listed below. In addition to the cost of the books, there is a $40.04 processing fee which includes the cataloging and processing of each book so that it is ready for check out in the library media center. Shipping is free!


FLR# Title Author Yr Bnd ATOS IL Qty 1st Price Ext

0260EUX American grown : the stor Obama, Mic 12 HRD AD 1 25.55 25.55

0104GW9 A bean's life Royston, A 12 FBS 3.7 K-3 1 11.71 11.71

0231VE2 Colors in the garden Reasoner, 09 HRD K-3 1 8.54 8.54

0093PW2 Cool carrots from garden Hengel, Ka 12 HRD 3-6 1 18.95 18.95

0093RW7 Cool leaf lettuce from ga Hengel, Ka 12 HRD 3-6 1 18.95 18.95

0093SW4 Cool potatoes from garden Hengel, Ka 12 HRD 3-6 1 18.95 18.95

0093TW1 Cool tomatoes from garden Hengel, Ka 12 HRD 3-6 1 18.95 18.95

27700X8 Crafty garden spiders White, Nan 09 HRD 4.6 K-3 1 16.01 16.01

0107MV3 Easy vegetarian foods fro Llanas, Sh 12 FBS 3-6 1 13.81 13.81

29762BX Garbage helps our garden Glaser, Li 10 HRD 3.0 K-3 1 19.00 19.00

13042S7 Gardening ants Hipp, Andr 03 HRD 5.3 3-6 1 16.95 16.95

0141QD9 Green beans, potatoes, an Cleary, Br 11 HRD 3.5 K-3 1 19.00 19.00

0033ZQ3 Grow your own snack Malam, Joh 12 HRD 3.9 K-3 1 20.04 20.04

29790JX Growing a garden Schuh, Mar 10 HRD K-3 1 16.04 16.04

23989W9 Growing new plants Johnson, T 09 HRD 3.1 K-3 1 17.95 17.95

0478LD7 Growing your own garden Hirsch, Re 10 FBS 4.2 3-6 1 14.14 14.14

01459X4 How we use plants for foo Morgan, Sa 09 FBS 4.7 K-3 1 17.01 17.01

0150VC6 Kids in the garden : grow McCorquoda 10 PAP 3-6 1 13.61 13.61

0181ZP4 Our organic garden McKenzie, 12 FBS 2.9 K-3 1 12.51 12.51

0258EXX Our school garden! Swann, Ric 12 HRD 3-6 1 15.31 15.31

0405PH1 Our school garden : patte Roberts, R 11 FBS K-3 1 13.71 13.71

26134W0 Plants we eat Petersen, 09 HRD 2.7 K-3 1 17.95 17.95

0001HN9 Rah, rah, radishes! : a v Sayre, Apr 11 HRD K-3 1 13.64 13.64

29544A2 Ready set grow! 10 HRD 3-6 1 11.09 11.09

0002ZK1 To market, to market McClure, N 11 HRD 4.6 K-3 1 15.31 15.31

29791J7 Tools for the garden Schuh, Mar 10 HRD K-3 1 16.04 16.04

0280MC1 Up we grow! : a year in t Hodge, Deb 10 HRD 4.4 K-3 1 14.46 14.46

32865V2 Vegetables Benduhn, T 08 FBS 2.1 K-3 1 13.41 13.41

0300VXX Vegetables Marsico, K 12 FBS K-3 1 13.41 13.41

0470KJ8 Watch me grow! : a down-t Hodge, Deb 11 HRD 4.7 K-3 1 14.46 14.46

0468LB5 Water, weed, and wait Fine, Edit 10 HRD 2.8 K-3 1 13.64 13.64

0329MA4 What in the world is a gr Gaarder-Ju 11 HRD 3.5 K-3 1 17.95 17.95

0156UF1 You are what you eat and Bloch, Ser 10 HRD 3.2 K-3 1 11.06 11.06

39427F0 Yucky worms French, Vi 10 HRD 3.1 K-3 1 14.49 14.49


34 titles (qty 34) Total Guaranteed Title Price $533.60






Total Books (Qty.)


34 (34)




Total cataloging and processing for Books




Grand total




Third Party Credit Card Processing (3%) = 16.74

TOTAL = $575





Total Books (Qty.)


56 (56)



Total cataloging and processing for Books




Grand total







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