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We did it! (Would you like to play more?)

the project

The Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area #21 are joining forces with YOU to paint the town red!  Or blue!  Or whatever other colors we choose!  New for 2017, the Lincoln Square PaintWorks initiative is paying for local artists to create splashy public murals throughout the neighborhood.  Our inagural mural - inaugumural? - will be placed on the side of 2308 W Lawrence Ave, next to the Easy Breezy Laundromat parking lot.  The artist will be Franklin Riley - director of the Fulton Market Gallery!

Research has shown murals prevent blight, create more walkable communities, and enhance the values of surrounding properties.  All of our murals are designed to enhance Lincoln Square - a neighborhood known for its public art and inviting public spaces.  Each mural will be in place for no shorter than three years, with up to two new murals being added to Lincoln Square every year.

With your help, we can build upon Lincoln Square's reputation as a public art hotspot and reclaim our streets with color!

the steps

Early August - site assessment

Mid August - painting (should take 2-3 days)

Public unveiling* to take place when work is complete!
(*there's no acutal veil, but we'll do our best)

why we're doing it

Lincoln Square is too often defined as the 'strip between the archways,' when actually it is much bigger!  The PaintWorks initiative seeks to make new destinations all over Lincoln Square, drawing in new businesses and enhancing the experience of businesses and residents already located near a project site.


Disbursed Budget

Raised = $3,395.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $155.56

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $93.33

Total to disburse = $3,111.11 - Artist payment (including supplies)


Original Budget

Artist payment (including supplies) - $3,000

Subtotal = 3,000

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $150

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $90

Total to raise = $3,275



We did it! (Would you like to play more?)

Wowee wow!  We just crossed our fundraising goal thanks to the kind sponsorship of a mYsTeRy super donor!  Perhaps they saw our coverage in DNAinfo?

THANK YOU to all who supported this campaign, but don't forget this is just the FIRST PaintWorks mural we're sponsoring.  The next will be this fall - and all money donated to this campain beyond our initial threshold will be rolled over into that project.  So keep giving!  More funds today means less hasslin' tomorrow!

Be on the lookout for details on both this and our next project.  You're all the very best.  <3


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