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the project

We are celebrating Clairton's assets and artists through a public art projects. Artists and high school youth and residents are collaborating on community art installations. We have a total of four (4) Wards throughout our city. Our plan is to paint a Hopscotch and a Life-Size Gameboard in each section of town. Once our project is complete, anyone wishing to play any of the side-street games, must go to City Hall to get needed game pieces; they will be asked to sign a form in order to have access.

In years past, our community had taken a turn for the worse; crime rate increased, drugs plagued our streets and our youth had limited access to community outlets. However, in the beginning of 2017 our city had the privilege of coming out of Act 47, which classified us as a distressed community. Having made this decision, has now allowed us to become an independent municipality. We are hoping to bring excitement and creativity back to our community. We'd like to occupy our youth and young adults with activities throughout our city.

Clairton is celebrating its historic businesses and parks through intergenerational public art design and installation. 

the steps

Upon receiving any funding for this project, which we are hoping will be somewhere around April, 2018, we will first meet those who are interested in partnering with us. We will then make a public announcement to our community informing them of what our plans are and solicit their help. Lastly, we will hit the ground running; we will assign a Supervisor and workers to each project.

why we're doing it

We are initiating this project to bring social and safety skills back to our community. Positive energy throughout the community will cause others to want to be a part of other social events.


Professional Painters - $500.00

Paint - $300.00

Paint Brushes/Drop Clothes/Buckets - $250.00

Hard Plastic/Styrofoam/Metal - $2,500.00 (To make game pieces)

Misc. (Cleaning products, food, transportation) - $1,450.00


Project Subtotal =  $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $250
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
Total to Raise on ioby = $5,435



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