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Production Schedule

the project

We need a simple studio set designed and built for this Fall.

We are looking to create a studio set in which to interview some of the nationally known LGBT political leaders of during the era for the documentary.
We will be using a local studio in Cleveland

From Where We Stood: AIDS and the Culture Wars

Cleveland has a very rich story to tell about the AIDS crisis and the political battles. Our documentary will give previously unheard voices an opportunity to tell local their stories, in the national fight for LGBT equality.

Using both archival and contemporary footage “From Where We Stood: AIDS and the Culture Wars” reflects the LGBT history of 80s and 90s in the US, and gives a state-of-the-movement perspective at both the local and national level during the era.

Particular focus is given to the Midwest, including Cleveland, and New Orleans in the South. The film relects the nation’s climate of homophobia; the lack of civil rights protections; the lack of AIDS funding and support, and the constant physical and media attacks, orchestrated by the radical right.

In every city heroes emerged - these are just some of their stories.

the steps

We will engage a local set designer

We will make arrangements for studio rental

We will make travel and lodging arrangements for the interviewees

We will put these all together and conduct interviews

why we're doing it

LGBT+ voices have been consistently buried or erased from history.

The LGBT Legacy Project is part of a growing movement to find and preserve LGBT history and historical documents, so that queer voices can tell their own stories, from the past and into to the future.

The documentary will give previously unheard voices from the Midwest and the Deep South, an opportunity to tell local stories, in the national fight for LGBT equality. In every city heroes emerged.  We are preserving some of their stories.


Disbursed budget 07.15.2022

TOTAL RAISED = $6,186.00
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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $95.58

Original budget:

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Recording and Securing the video footage- $4,000
We need to purchase media hard drives to record the interviews on, and to make immediate backups on.
This will keep the interview footage safe and secure for editing and for the archives.  These will cost about $4,000.

One more interview -$2,000
We have enough funds for three interviews and need to do one more.
Each interview costs about $2,000. This includes equipment rental, director of photography, and crew members.



Production Schedule

We will start production in Cleveland this month and in August. We will be shooting in New Orleans in October.

Many thanks to all who have contributed. Your generosity means a lot.


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  • Wanda Davis
  • Dorothy C. Miller
  • Barbara Friedman
  • Meredith Holmes
  • Michael G.
  • Margarite B.
  • Anonymous
  • Jackie Wellman
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  • Mary Ann Jones
  • Betsey K.
  • Thomas G.
  • Anonymous
  • Jane R.
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  • gail arnoff
  • Rachel Edds & Elliot Lieberman
  • Char Wells
  • Mike Brunstedt
  • Tracie Longpre & Nicole Dauria
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