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the project

TimeBanks are a way for people to share their skills with each other while also getting their needs met. The MI Alliance of TimeBanks exists to help communities start and sustain TimeBanks, as well as create connections between communities. There has long been interest in starting a TimeBank on the east side of Detroit, and we are ready to start some planning and organizing this fall.

Funds from this campaign will be used to ensure that these first organizing events are informative, collaborative, fun, and accessible. Some of the categories are boring but practical: staff time, venue costs, refreshments, meeting materials. We want everyone to be able to attend the meetings so we are also budgeting for on-site childcare and money to help with transportation costs. We also want to be sure these meetings are fun, so we'll have prizes for some of the games that we play to get to know each other.  The budget as written will cover the costs for four of these early organizing meetings.

the steps

1) Schedule meetings for October and November 2024 and book the venues (already underway)

2) Create promotional materials, work with our partners and stakeholders, generally spread the word!

3) Book childcare, arrange transportation, ensure everyone has what they need to fully participate

4) Hold 4 organizing meetings in October and November to launch a successful east side TimeBank by 2025!

why we're doing it

TimeBanks are a great way to build community, meet people's needs, and value the contributions of those that society often overlooks. Currently there are five active TimeBanks in southeast Michigan, but not one that serves the east side of Detroit and surrounding areas. For years we have been talking to folks interested in starting one and now we are ready to start the process.


This budget is for an ideal 4 meetings.

Venue costs: $480

Transportation: $120

Refreshments: $360

Outreach materials: $500

Meeting materials (large paper, markers, post it notes, etc...): $400

Contest prize: $400

Childcare: $400

Staff time: $1600



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